Fog Light Grille Kits for V6 Mustangs

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  1. I know that a lot of people have been looking and talking about Fog light kits for the V6 and a variety of solutions have been offered on a lot of forums. West Coast Performance just put up a section on Fog light kits. Not only do they offer complete GT conversion kits, but also the Pony Package conversions. They also are now offering wiring harness kits for anyone that has bought parts either from their local Ford dealership or from an alternate source like a take off part or crash part and need to workout a wiring solution.

    The link to this area is:

    If anyone is interested.
  2. How much are they paying you to spam this on every Mustang forum?

  3. Well, before my parking garage smashed my bumper (and thus went to GT bumpers), I had a west coast kit in my car, and the guy who sold it to me and helped me with the install was Charlie. So looking at his username, it might be a safe bet it is the same guy...or possibly not.

    Either way Charlie was great to work with, and helped me on the weekend with questions I had.

    I wonder if the Street Scene grille is starting to bite into his sales, that might be the reason for the post. The SS grille goes in stock with no issues.
  4. west coast

    does anyone know how to contact west coast. i bought a grill conversion from them a couple a weeks ago. I wanted to call them and check on my order. Does anyone know a number of an e mail I looked on their site and found nothing?:SNSign:
  5. Those ****ers at west coast tole 400 dollars from me they took my money no part the phone number is wrong and I calld information and its the wrong address. **** them in there stupid asses

  6. Crap, I looked them up on ebay, he is no longer a registered ebay member and his ebay store site is down. Not a good sign. This kind of thing really pisses me off. I wish I saved my old kit, I would have mailed it to you for free with only shipping costs. His web site is still up:

    If I were you, I would send him a certifed letter requesting a full refund and a certified email to:

    15910 La Forge St., Unit G
    Whittier, CA 90603
    [email protected]

    After this, assuming he signs for the letter you now have a legal paper trail to nail his ass. Is this the same phone number you have for him?
  7. yes its what i got. i alreadt cancelled it and the money is on its way back to me
  8. these a**holes did the same thing to me. Credit card has already been charged and its been a few weeks and i have called many times and sent many emails, not one response. How did you end up getting you money back because im getting desperate?
  9. help me

    I just ordered the pony package. What did you have to do to cancel your order.