Fog light switch LED (hissin5.0???)

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  1. Ok, I finally got my fog lights working and boy do they add sex appeal! I remember Hissin mentioning that the LED on his fog light switch burnt out and he had to replace it.

    I have suffered a similar fate but I'm having trouble removing the LED. I can't figure out how to get it out!

    I pried the switch out with a screw driver and then pulled out the gray part (which must have been glued in or something because it took me five minutes) but now I'm not sure what to do.

    Thanks guys,


    Edit: I just found the switch assemblies online for around 60 bucks... Please tell me thats not the only option! lol
  2. i've never known anyone to take it apart and replace it. most people just buy the $25 switch replacement.
  3. Well heres an update:

    I figured out how to take it apart... turns out its sorta spring loaded so the pieces flew everywhere. I think I might be missing one because when I put it back together it doesn't click as fluidly. Once its apart though its really easy to remove the LED's. Its a solderless replacement.

    So, in other words, I'm still searching for someone online with some instructions so that I can see if I'm missing a piece or if I'm reassembling it incorrectly. If I can't find anything (assuming I eventually figure this out) I'll post an illustrated tutorial.
  4. Subscribing. Mines burnt out too and I was almost tempted to buy a new switch.
  5. Ok... I've got the job done. Since I didn't have any guide to follow, there were some minor problems along the way that I'll fill you guys in with.

    Ok, here goes:

    Step One:
    With a flat bed screw driver or pocket knife, remove the switch assembly from the console:


    If you need more guidance with this, let me know.

    Step Two:
    Slide the gray harness plug out of the switch assembly. Mine was fairly dirty, infact it took me about five minutes to get the damn thing out of there, lol. Word of caution though is to be patient with this. Your goal is to fix things not break things.


    Step Three:
    There are clips on the sides of the assembly that keep it together. 2 on one side and 1 on the other. Slide a flat bed screw driver or knife under the sides of the assembly to to unclasp the clips.
    Warning: The contents of the switch are somewhat spring loaded and its best to hold the switch upside down when you unclasp the clips and remove the lower housing.


    Here is a picture of the components of the assembly:


    If you read my previous post you'll see that I thought I lost a part because when I reassembled everything the button would not click fluidly. Well, I was right, I had lost that little bee bee. Once I found it everything worked fine.

    Step Four:
    Remove the lights and don't forget to note which socket housed the light with the blue glove. Replace them with these:


    I picked these lights up from O'Reilly Auto for about a buck fifty. (Better than a new 60 dollar assembly from CJponyparts)

    Finally, just follow the steps in reverse order to reassemble the switch.

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  6. just gave me a idea.. maybe replace bulb with a different color?
  7. Well the amber light isn't actually amber, its white. Its the circular window on the switch that is amber. So replacing with a different color bulb might yield strange results.
  8. ggod job with the write up,:nice: my light is also burnt out,now i can replace it.
  9. Might have to do this myself, save me $25.
  10. Good job Will. I never even messed with mine since I got a used switch for peanuts.

    It sounds like these are a bit like the fox headlight and fog light illumination, where the lighting is not meant to be servicable but if you're crafty and careful, you can get it done.

    FWIW, I think Rockauto had switches for like 15 bucks (plus S/H) if needed.

    Good write-up. :nice:
  11. Thanks guys, let me know if anybody has any trouble following my tutorial.
  12. Worked great, do you mind if I save the photos to archive on a site of mine? Ill give you full credit for the pics.
  13. Very cool. Mine burned out a long time ago. Our fog lights suck so much, you can't tell when they are on or off without the light on the switch.

  14. Its a site Im building to chronicle the 427 swap into my car but Im also putting up pics of various other useful tidbits that can be done to our cars. This is a good one that I think affects a lot of people. Easy fix too. I had four of the bulbs in my spare parts drawer here at the dealership. Only thing that sucks is the previous owner spilled soda or coffee all over the switch previously so beside making it sticky, the blue sleeve was stuck to the bulb and got destroyed in the repair process. Not a big deal though because another project Im doing is converting my interior illumination to blue to match my Cobalt gauges. Just ordered the blue LED bulb that should replace the standard incandecent light. Waiting to order the cluster ones because I picked up some blue tinted 194 bulbs that Im going to try and see if they work before I pay for the led bulbs.
  15. I wish I had fog lights... disadvantage of the GTS :(
  16. Thats awesome, man. I've been wanting to convert my interior lights to blue as well to match my head unit but I never really looked into it because i figured it'd be pretty difficult, not to mention that this summer my head unit will be gone anyways (replaced with a touchscreen :nice: ).

    How will you be changing the color of the dome clock on the dash? The clock lights seem like they'd be really hard to access. Anyways, let me know how it goes and save all the part numbers for the lights you ordered! That way I might be able to follow your footsteps.
  17. Will - The clock is the one component that I havent quite figured out yet. I might just replace it with some more Cobalt gauges in a gauge pod. Ill have some pretty detailed writeups with pics for the conversion in the weeks ahead. Ill send you a link.

    The damned - Do the GTS' still come maxi wired like the V6s? Not sure if they have special harnesses since their main goal was weight reduction. If they have the wiring, all youll need is a new switch and the lens assemblies, right? Shouldnt be that bad. Though I can tell you the fogs on our cars are more for looks than functionality. I cant tell when theyre on unless Im behind a car and can see the reflection. They dont make a difference as far as Im concerned. Not the stock GT ones anyway.
  18. Cool, i'd appreciate it. If you still can't find a link anywhere about clock lights and do decide you want to change them blue, let me know. I have a broken one somewhere in my garage that I'd be more than happy to take apart check it out.