Fog light switch LED (hissin5.0???)

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  1. I guess i was wrong. that is good write up man. thanks.
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  3. One of these days.... one of these days.... my money pit will stop in the engine compartment and move to the front bumper. :rlaugh:
  4. This is the club I'm joining soon too, and Will thanks for telling me those foglights were bright, because I was gonna buy those:nice:
  5. Yeah, they're bright... I had a little trouble with the install though. I had to redrill the holes on one side; the GT holes didn't exactly work.
  6. I had this problem too when I first bought my car. But even if something is not serviceable to me it is. LOL... I replaced the bulbs (there not LED's) lol. Fairly simple, only the little bee bee gave me a bit of trouble but nothing that I couldnt handle. And if you think fixing the switch is takes a bit of craftyness, try fixing a shorted speedo motor in the cluster without replacing the cluster, (Had to do that and it sucked) lol but was fun also and not as expensive as a new cluster.
  7. Thanks so much for posting this. I just bought my Mom's '94 GT (she's almost 70yo :D) and it was very annoying to look down at night and not see the switch lit up, like it used to. LOL I figured there had to be a way to replace the bulb and had taken the switch apart myself, then realized I couldn't put it back together. Oops! But thanks to your pics of the procedure, I was able to get it back in working condition and reinstalled without as much stress as there would have been if I hadn't found this post. Thanks once again!
  8. Yeah the pics were pretty handy. Though when I rebuilt mine, I bought a blue LED in place of the illumination bulb so it now matches my Cobalt gauges. Ordering the LEDs for my dash illumination this Friday and Ill be good to go. :nice:
  9. 1998 Cobra Fog Light Switch Replacement, Failed to Work

    Will, thanks for including such detailed photos and description on how you changed your LED. I recently purchased a new fog light switch (Satin finish) from UPR to dress-up my interior. I took apart the fog light assembly carefully as to not damage anything and then of course the pieces just seem to come out of there quite liberally. So, I put the pieces back the way I thought it was to go and put the little bee bee on top of the spring and snapped it together. It seemed to click ok, but when I applied power and tested, the lights did not come on. I don't know if maybe anyone could help with this, as I dont know what to do at this point. Could I have damaged it? Or was it just a poor re-assembly? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  11. Hey, sorry to hear the fix didn't go well. If the switch was working before you took it apart than you must have damaged some its components (Duh?). I realize that sometimes in order to complete the process it is necessary to toy around with the gray harness before being able to separate it from the switch itself, so, perhaps you've damaged some of the wiring on that harness. I would check it out. Unless you remember specifically causing harm to any other of the parts during the removal/install, I would put my money on a connection issue.

    Its been a while since I actually posted this so I can't remember if there are any other steps at which you could have accidentally done damage.

    Take it back out and make sure all the wiring is secure and then button everything back up. If you take it apart and see anything that looks like it could be damaged but your not sure, just post a picture up on this thread and someone, if not me, will at least be able to make an educated guess.

    Thats all I got for ya, sorry!

    Edit: While you've got it apart, whip out your friendly voltmeter and check to make sure the switch is getting the necessary voltage! You might as well while your working on it.
  12. I'd also check continuity between the input and output terminals with the switch closed (turned on). It should read almost no resistance. If it doesnt, the switch isnt 'connecting' when you turn it on.
  13. does the convertible top switch also illuminate? in other words, does it also have a light bulb inside?
  14. hello? light bulb in convertible top switch?
  15. Fog Light

    Yes, mine does have a Light bulb in the fog light and is a Coupe. However, I have the polished aluminum replacement from UPR which does not have a window to see if the light is on or not.

    However, I did end up figuring this out. As the first guy demonstrated in the picture, make sure you reassemble it carefully and put the BB as well as the rocker switch in the correct way. If it is backward, it will not work.

    Thanks for all the posts for this!
  16. My convertible switch doesn't have a light in it.
  17. Found this very useful and I figured I would bump the thread. If anyone needs their bulb replaced don't buy the $60 part, just fix it with this threads help!
  18. I remember taking my fog light switch apart in my '94 because the PO had spilled drinks on it. The bulb still worked; it was the gooiness that bothered me. I forgot the roller bearing when I put it back together the first time too.
  19. I'm going to need to do this! Mines been out:0 just couldn't justify the 25 dollars for a switch.