Foose Design Mustang Hood :Available

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  1. Official Foose Design and Engineered Hood. Styled after the 69 Mustang and featured on the Limited Edition Foose Stallion. Available with a stamped and flanged opening exclusively for the CDC Shaker, - no cutting or trim ring required. Both the inner and outer panels are stamped aluminum and provide OE quality fit and finish´┐Ż highest quality aftermarket hood available. The Foose designed Hood utilizes the factory washer nozzle locations. ---
  2. Welcome to a market where the designer controls who and where his products can be sold
  3. I talked to someone from CDC...
    They said they plan to release more Foose stang parts.
    headlights,front & rear bumper

    the hood was set to be the first part released

    With Prices like that... will people even consider them ??
  4. well, look whos name is on it? Seems like anything with Foose shelby or saleen isnt cheap.
  5. Looks just like the hood for the new kit from Cervinis and you can get the hood and the shaker system for 1,199.00 from them.
  6. it also comes with the headlight and grille extensions. the cervinis kit moves the front edge of the hood forward, making it even with the bumper.
  7. While it is expensive. I'm not sure it is an accurate comparision between the cervini's hood and the Foose hood. Aluminum is considerably more expensive than fiberglass. And there are likely to be far less fitment problems with the aluminum hood.
  8. yea.. but close to $1000 just for a hood, for a Hood thats near Flat

    sure aluminum is the way to go.. but 2x the $$$
  9. Just for the record here, my new #1171 Cervini's Ram Air hood was fit right out of the box and only issue was a minor fender which was aligned out over the left headlamp and done, bodyshop said they have never had a hood fit that good and no prep time other than normal.
  10. Doa price check on aluminum versus fiberglass for cost. I'm betting the aluminum is about 3 to 4 times as much