For all you SLP haters out their here's a sound clip

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  1. I have had it on my car since the kit first cam out, Now let me say I have had flowmasters (OK), magnaflow magnapacks (sucked didn't like them), dynomax racing bullitts ( alright) and now the SLP kit.

    The SLP kit is far more superior in quality and sounds hten any of the others, it will give your stock GT a sounds as if it has cams. The install is the easiest of all cat back system and again I will say the quality is second to none. Here's is a video clip of my car and a link to the mods that are on the car. I will ask that you right click and save as because it is a big video.

    Pics and Mods

    Yes this is my exhaust you are hearing in the burnout, right click and copy and paste to view
    Burnout of my car
  2. Your car looks and sounds bad ass.
  3. hmm I hope mine doenst sound like that when I get my heads and cams on. Sounds very different at idle.
  4. I'll stick with my packs but yours sounds pretty wicked!!
  5. Sounds awesome. Way to represent Chicago :nice:

  6. To bad i blew the motor at the track last weekend though
  7. how did you blow the motor? did you over rev?
  8. That could be the culprit but am not sure, I rev the car to 6500 when at the track.
  9. your car looks awesome! But I just like the raw sound of the flows
  10. I like the looks of your car, but it sounds like a tractor in that first video. It sounded much better in the burnout video, but I still didn't hear that mustang sound that everyone loves so much.
  11. give me some cams, some long tubes x-pipe and my magnapacks would sound wicked to. Where's 68 & 00 he has some sound clips.Sounds good though I like them....:)
  12. how come it sounded so funky at idle?
    sounds real nice rev'd though
  13. I think it sounds fine not funky at all, and to say it sounds like a tractor is funny :lol: . Everyone wants that classic mustang sound of the flowmaster, you know that 1980's sound, because no one else has been running any other exhaust until the past year or so and know you are getting away from that sound. I wanted my car to be different than every other mustang out their.
  14. Actually, this video is possibly making me reconsider Xpipe / SLP kit on my car.

    It sounds good in revs, but is that a stock engine sound at idle? How different will it sound on a stock engine?
  15. so what is the complete list of exhaust mods ? did you change the MAC LT's too ?

    MAC LT's, SLP tubing, SLP catback ?

  16. Mac Lt's, trubendz o/r x, SLP catback
  17. another vote for tractor. sorry does not sound good. :notnice:
  18. it looks good...

    how did you delete that spoiler?
  19. i like the way it sounds.