For all you SLP haters out their here's a sound clip

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  1. When I had my '01 Formula, I had a Loudmouth from SLP on it and it suffered from the same thing that keeps me from liking it on the Mustangs. They are just obnoxiously loud with no tone. When I first saw that clip on the Depot a while back, my first thoughts were "I hope mine doesn't sound like that after I get my cams in." If you like it, great but I just don't care for it.

    Oddly enough, there was a kid at the vocational school where I used to teach at that had a '78 Chrylser Cordoba with a mildly cammed 360 and for exhaust he had original manifolds, a pair of tractor mufflers from the local Big R (<---Big R is like a farmer's Wal Mart), and it sounded almost exactly like that clip. This was after he totalled his '68 Dart with a Slant-6 guessed it, a tractor muffler. Unfortunately, I also knew the kid outside school through a friend of mine because at the time I wasn't much older than him and he bought my pristine '73 Plymouth off me and totalled it. Luckily, he never had time to disgrace it with tractor mufflers.
  2. Seems to me that all magnaflow owners love to hate SLP.
  3. my biggest problem with slp is how they only now, after the camaro/firechicken market is dead, decided to start making some mustang stuff. but i didn't really like the sound either, honestly. but as long as u like it- all that matters.

    do like the deleted spoiler look, what did u do about the holes?
  4. :shrug: I like it, except for the really really really really rough sounding idle. Sounds like it's going to stall out? :scratch:

    Anyone have sound clips of stock headers with stock H and the SLP catback? Maybe it's the LT's. :shrug:
  5. Thats because of the cams. IIRC, he has a grind similar to the Comp Cams XE270AH but with a wider LSA (114* compared to 113* or something like that). Most of the aftermarket cams are going to lope. Even the VT Stage I and Comp Cams XE262's will have a slightly choppy idle.
  6. It's amazing to hear a Mustang revving that doesn't take 5 minutes to fall back to idle. :nice:
  7. aaaaaaaaaah. Thanks.
  8. How do you fix that? Isn't there a mod to fix it?
  9. My car in that clip is idling at like 600 guys, that is why it is so choppy. I thought you guys that at claiming that it sounds like a tractor at that low of an idle would know that the idle needs to be adjusted, plus if when you start your car up with LT's, cams, and P and P heads you have to rev it up a little or it will run pig rich and bring your idle down and want to stall as my car was doing in the clip. When the car is idling at 1000 like it is supposed to no other car sounds better

  10. i hope my car never sounds like that. good luck with the idle issue.
  11. I WISH my car would idle like that. sounds [email protected] but it would be even better if it was idling that like through flowmaster 40s :nice: how much did cam install cost u?
  12. A little off topic but I dig those rims :nice: . What kind are they?
  13. Centerline telestars

    Sorry to here from you boys that don't like the way the car sounds, you can tell what people are into the performance of their cars on this site and which ones are into just saying they have a mustang.
  14. :rolleyes:
    what a dumb comment to make. :notnice:
  15. so what does the classic mustang sound like? :shrug:

    i remember hearing a side exhaust system this summer and it sounded amazing, but i have yet to find a clip of something similar.

    BTW i like the sound of his SLP. at idle it's not appealing but when he gets on it it sounds like a freak.

  16. :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: Little bit sensitive we don't like his exhaust set up huh?
  17. I love the lopy idle, but it just doesn't sound deep enough. Very nice ride though.
  18. I can care less if anyone likes the set-up or not, not sensitive at all. I just find it funny all the people that jump in and don't know what they are talking about. Yes I agree with the people who don't think it is not deep enough some people don't like that, but what I love is people like you who see a comment that some intelligent individual makes about the car sounding like a tractor and we jump on the bandwagon not even knowing why a car would be idling like that or anything.

    If you are looking for a classic muscle car sound the SLP kit is not a kit that you want to go with, but if you want the ballsy get out of my way sound or a sound that would make everyone check out your car this is the kit not only sound wise but quality wise, and the exhaust tips are by far the best tips on the market.
  19. That's why I switched to the SLP, my flowmaster's wouldn't give the car the nasty lope I was trying to acheive but did sound good. I also got sick of the drone if you know what I mean. Flowmaster would definitely still be on the car if it wasn't for SLP

  20. I would like to know the samething