For all you SLP haters out their here's a sound clip

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by gtstang2k2, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. man..... any exhaust is sounds loud inside a garage....rev it for me out side in the open.... still think my bassani rocks
  2. Wow, thanks a lot Jim for using up all my bandwidth. The movie has been deleted. So whoever else wants to see it, screw off and go chew on some nails.
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  5. I pay for it, therefore I will do what I please with it. No need for anymore questions/comments. I win. That is all.

    When you have 1000 hits on a file that is 25mb, bandwidth gets destroyed. I pay for the bandwidth for other stuff and this link shouldn't have been put on a site with thousands of members.

    Time to enable hotlink protection. :nonono:

  6. thats fine boss i've heard all the slp clips..which allowed me to cancel my loudmouth catback and go trusty packs :nice:
  7. Yeah, people shouldn't share a link without permission :nonono:
    bandwidth is costly
  8. bottom line.... no matter what exhaust you have.. you can't beat the sound of cams.. :drool:

  9. You have a PM on modulardepot, I not to happy with you coming on here and being a little bitch in my thread. I saved the file to my computer and didn't know that it would still use your space, not a computer guru like you. Got a lot of balls to bitch someone out that helps yu out by putting a TQ converter in your car for nothing
  10. Sounds nice.

    I still prefer the sound of a Mac Prochamber with 2 Chamber Flows.
  11. Wow man..sorry to hear about that engine. The good news is you will have a stronger 4v now. I want to hear it when it's completed for sure :nice:
    Good luck!

  12. your car sounds sick. nothing is better than a car with a sweet cam/cams with a bumpy idle. the people who think it sounds like a tractor must not be into performance, drag racing or muscle cars in general. they probably think that race gas exhaust smells bad.
  13. No it isn't, but companies still charge a lot for the sole reason of "because they can."

    Race gas exhaust.........:drool: :banana:
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  15. im not understanding these comments...

    because im into performance and i dont think race gas exhaust smells bad at all

    im just not into a stalling idle sound. to each his own.
  16. My problem with the sound has nothing to do with the lopey idle, otherwise I wouldn't have a set of XE270AHs sitting in the garage. Its the poor tone of the exhaust that sounds like a farmtruck or a tractor. There is a difference between sounding good and being loud. Similar to the difference between 2-chambers (sounds ok) and 1-chambers (loud, but sounds like ass). My SLP Loudmouth was the same way on my '01 Formula. It was loud, but it also sounded like ass. I thought it was because the F-bodies had a Y-pipe, but this proves that theory wrong since our GTs have true dual exhaust.
  17. Yeah a little late on this one. Too late to hear the tractor clip I guess. I only see the burn out video posted
    I love my exhaust see vid in sig.

    BTW - who needs a lopey idle :D
  18. thanks. Me too. The burnout vid sounds mean to me, but I didn't get to see the idle one. Personally from what I've heard my general feeling is that I don't care for the SLP, sounds cheap - but to each his own. I don't like Bassani, sounds like an old Army jeep :p anyone that wants to see what I mean pm me your e-mail. I don't like flows w/ an X pipe either. Sounds raspy no matter what brand X is used some more so than others. Carry on guys, but understand everyone will never agree about anything.:nice:
  19. How can you guys not like how the car idles!!! I never thought a 4.6 could have a lumpy idle like that. It sounds like an old school big block!! Oh sounds great man!!