For People That Want To Have An Idea Of What They Will Run.

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  1. Ive been working on my car for 2 years and im going to let you know what i did to the car and what my times were. I started with a completely stock 1989 mustang lx coupe 5.0 with a aod with 190000 km the motor im still using.

    year 1

    here is the mods i did to run a 9.5 in a 1/8

    * bbk headers and h pipe with stock mufflers
    * centerline warrior rims mt skinnys in the front and m&h 26x10.5 cheaters
    * ford racing 410 gears
    * cold air intake
    * energy suspension motor mounts
    *removed sway bar
    *bumped timing to 14 degrees
    * lakewood 50 50 rear shocks
    *hurst roll control

    to run a 9.27

    *deleted my ac
    *smog pump delete

    year 2

    I just came back from my first race this year and i ran a best of 8.48 1/8 mile i didn't film that run but i do have one of me running a 8.51 that i will put up on youtube tonight and post the link later.

    remember this motor has 190000 km and is tired but here is the list.

    *C4 with a PA servos, tci reverse manual valve body, Coan torque converter, tci 157 50oz flex plate
    * hurst quarter stick
    * 76 mm C&L mass air
    * 70 mm BBK throttle body and egr
    *msd coil, cap and plugs
    *super 44 flow master 2.5 inch
    *energy suspension tranny mount
    *electric fan
    *ford racing transmission cross member
    * Steeda drive shaft spacer

    Hope this helps. Sorry if there is spelling mistakes tried typing this up quickly because when i was trying to find this info i couldn't find anything. People i have talked to could not believe.
  2. those tranlsate into low 13 1/4 mile times. what are your 60 ft times?
  3. 1.7 something i will get the exact number tonight im at work and there in my trailer. I have to unpack everything tonight and ill post them up as well as the link to my vid
  4. sorry we only have 1/8 mile in northern Ontario. also forgot to mention for the old tired motor she raced constant placed 3rd in sportsman class
  5. Here is my latest mods a summit 2 row aluminum rad. i ran a 1.559 60 foot and a 8.353 1/8 mile at 82.28 mph. last weekend in wawa Ontario Canada. I know bad reaction time it was early in the morning first run.

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