For raph130 to prove anything!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 25thmustang, Dec 10, 2004.

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  1. What a knob.

    Dude prolly rocks a Huffy.
  2. :rlaugh: why not just post your boyfriend ... oops .. I suppose his fat ass probably doesn't fit in the avatar though. You're a jackass and I wasn't coming down on you for it. I really like that car.
  3. ahve run 10's with nothing but a supercharger

    quote from you, page 3 of the SS thread...

    that says nothing about a stock motor yet claims just a SC!
  4. i really doubt that, in the summer i meet alot of stang owners and chat with them.
  5. you need to go back to school. syaing run 10s with nothing but a supercharger means the motor is untouched. thats common sense, which you dont have.
  6. sorry im hetro. and i only know 2 guys that are what u would consider fat. josh and jeff. everyone else i know is under 200lbs.
  7. raph you do realize brian is one of the most respected members of the MHRA? He is a better driver and mustang builder than you could ever hope to be. Listen to the man he has alot of knowledge. He could teach you a thing or two.
  8. I race in a heads up group and attened events such as Fords @ Etown, Tasca Day, and run the MHRA and FFW series... I race with guys out of MPE racing, Dez's place and such...

    You know more young kids at the dunkin donuts, I know more racers!!!

    And common sense... no I quoted you, thats what you said, and its not our fault we cant decipher your BS.
  9. Um.....YOU spelled "retarded" wrong.
  10. Its funny, he doesnt even realize, Im a bit younger than him, yet light years ahead in the Mustang world, and can formulate a thought, and get a point across without having to back track and figure out what I really said!
  11. Uh oh, this is one fight I am not gonna get involved in... LOL

    I have been typing so fast this morning after my test, I am spelling like crap, hahah! But you can call him on it, LOL!!!
  12. Well Im off to class raph, you can keep findind articels and claiming, "just headers" means the car can have all the bolt ons known to man...

    I think this post will brand you for a good amount of time!
  13. Hold up a second...I thought this was all about a stock car with only gears going 12's?

    I'm still holding out waiting for an article on that. C'mon, raph...hook me up!!

  14. 4.10s+Slicks+Drive it like you stole it=12s
  15. Anybody recognize the name "Clair Stewart" ? He lives approx. 30 minutes away from me. I guess I can take a road trip and go ask him about the 12 second stuff...
  16. Man I missed a lot while I was at lunch. Are we still waiting on the proof of the 12 second gear only stang? lol, Raph is getting owned left and right.

  17. yep we sure are!

  19. nope his car is pink. The product of sanding down a red car.
  20. Be careful ... he's very sensitive about that. He'll tell you he can even post your girlfriend in his avatar if he wants. Apparently, he likes to post things in his avatar that he will never have. Ralph will also tell that he IS NOT gay ... but his boyfriends Josh and Jeff are. :shrug:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.