For raph130 to prove anything!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 25thmustang, Dec 10, 2004.

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  1. Thats not his car, he has no proof of gears only...

    and yes a light coupe with 4.10s and slcicks can hit 12s, but raph claims only gears. But like his other posts, he will come back and say he really meant gears, tires, and bolt ons on a stock motor!
  2. Josh and Jeff are two guys who arent friends with Raph...

    Jeff is the LS1 owner on here, and Josh is a friend of Jeffs. Raph isnt friends with these guys and actually from what I heard avoids them, lol! But I dont care much about that, I just want proof of what he claims!
  3. Whoops ! :rlaugh: Sorry Josh and Jeff .... :rlaugh: Feel free to have sex with Ralphs mother on my tab. Oh whoops ... that was wrong. :rlaugh: I'm done on this thread. Good luck finding the "magical" 12 second showroom stock stang w/ 4:11s running 12s. Are you sure Ralph is talking about 1/4 mile and not 1/8 mile? :D
  4. Raph.. when you say "stock" that means stock block, as well as heads, intake, mass air meter, etc.

    A motor that has been opened up, ported/polished etc, with boltons and exhaust is NOT STOCK.

    Stock motor = stock block, heads, cam, intake, pistons, ETC. Everything that the factory gave out for that model year, that is what STOCK means.
  5. lies? you think im making it up for fun? no i was told by josh himself that he and his friends steal **** from stangs. he told me 2 weeks ago he stole a hard drive from walmart and was asking me how to set it up. sorry i dont lie. and if i keep hearing rumors you want to beat me up because why? u disagree on 1/4 mile and hp numbers with me? GROW UP. i'll be at your house jeff in a flash with a cop giving you a warning to leave me alone. i dont take threats. your such a "man". you wanna threaten my life, i'll tell your secrets to the cops.
  6. What comes around goes around...

    This is getting to personal...

    I vote for Raph to be banned (not for show) but so this site can go ahead without him...he isn't helping anything...
  7. How about from this point on, no one responds to this tool, and just be done with it. What a whack job.
  8. You sir,are getting too personal,how old are you,bytheway?
  9. I just had to comment in this thread, it's too much.

    Raph, you're a dumba$$. A stock car is a stock car, a stock car with gears is a stock car with gears NOT a stock car with gears and A FROCKING SUPERCHARGER!

    You are wrong, and you know it, you're grasping at straws to try and keep your argument validated, but we all know you just don't want to admit you're wrong. Why? Is it so bad to admit you're wrong? Or do you truly believe stock mean stock and a supercharger? If you do, then you must also believe 10 = 10 + 15.
  10. :stupid: I vote for the ban
  11. or better yet...he can just count his losses and start trying might be better for him in the long run :shrug:
  12. how old is this raph guy? i'm 18 and i'm sure i'm more mature than him. he kinda sounds like some little 6th grader who stole his daddies screen name and posted what he heard from a friend who heard from a friend and so on...
  13. :rlaugh: :lol: umm when did I threaten your life? Go for it bring the cops over my house. I've never stolen anything in my life. I work 50+ hours a week unlike you who sits at the old folks home all day and has people like me pay your social security for you. I'm sure social security would love to know just how not insane you really are and that you're cheating the system cause you can't handle life. So ya raph tell my "secrets" to the that's gotta be the best thing i've heard in a long time.
  14. BTW raph i'm waiting for the cops. We know they love you since the last time you dealt with them they threw you a beating for stalking your ex g/f.
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  16. MBP.. is this raph guy have some mental issues or what? That would explain a lot...
  17. Raph, give it up. You couldn't put a stock 5.0 in a miata and run 12's with just gears. You have absolutely no concept of what it takes. You my friend, are what I like to call a domestic ricer. The sanded paint must've taken enough weight off of your car to give it an ultimate weight advantage over every other car on the road! :rlaugh: All you're missing is a big type R sticker and your high school bleachers hanging off the rear end to use as your wing for all that downforce you need during your LEET 12 second pass, stock! I learned today that stock can mean I put H/C/I & SC + nitrous, gears, stripped every last ounce of weight off my car... You have been :owned:
    Walk away :spot: tail between your legs, while you're ahead of yourself. You lose more credibility with every post.
  18. Supposedly he does. He collects social security at the age of 22 and lives in a special home with a bunch of old people. I really feel bad for him more than anything. I used to try and get along with him. But all he does is sit around all day, use my taxpaying money to mod his mustang and then post a bunch of BS on here. And then on top of it try and defamate me. So ya his mental issues explain most of it.
  19. This is a bunch of :bs: .
    Face it, Ralph got :owned: , and is also :crazy:.
    Stop now and you won't get :flame: ,Ralph.
  20. This has gotten stupid, but I got a good laugh though.

    From what I have been reading on this thread and the others, Ralph has been reading too many magazines and talking to the wrong people. If Michale Moore were into drag racing... facts that are partially true but once the whole story is known don't add up. I've run into these people so often, I've just learned to grin and bear it, then when they are out of wind I say "ready to run that thing" Ed Curtis says in his sig, "Talk is cheap, take it to the track and prove your point." That is soooo true. Ralph has been called out, but he won't answer it. Even if he looses, at least he showed he tried and maby was wrong but you would have to respect it. Without even trying it, he shows he is full of BS. I will respect anyone if they run it, but when they run thier mouth and won't back it up, I give it a big :notnice:

    You always hear these wild claims, but I go to the track often, and I know the reality. 12's is not slow, far faster than a stock 5.0 would dream of. A stock foxbody with gears and slicks could run 13's, but the mph would be low and it would all be launch. 12's I don't think so, there isn't enough top end to get it there.
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