Roush For Sale: 1985 Saleen #69 Black Hatch

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Saleen Mike, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. I am thinking of selling the '85 Saleen.

    No, I am not going anywhere, just looking to position myself in a better spot to purchase a different Saleen.

    Here is your chance to own one of the first Saleens made. There were 3 made in 1984, and this is #69 for 1985.

    Below are a few basics about the car, and some images. For more info or questions on the car, feel free to post here, or contact me by email at [email protected]

    1985 Saleen #69

    Black Hatch w/ Tan cloth Interior
    Never did get my LOA on this one from Liz, I think there are a total of 4 like this as most black had gray interiors.
    I am the fourth owner.

    92,xxx miles?

    Philosophy of ownership: Bring back a piece of Saleen history back from the grave while making it a fun car to own/drive, as it was too far gone to make "perfect resto". To replace with equal or greater while maintaining the near-stock Saleen look.

    Things that are stock/original
    * Body (with exclusions listed below)
    * Seats / Interior (most of it)

    Things that are not stock/original

    * Recently repainted & stickered
    * 1986 Saleen front air dam
    * New 84-86 Saleen side skirts
    * New rear bumper cover (has OE Saleen "Spats")

    Suspension and brakes:
    * Saleen/Speedline 17" wheels (plus OE 15")
    * Yokohama 235-40-17 front, 255-40-17 rear tires (used @2,500 mi.)
    * Baer 13"x.810" front & 12"x.810" rear brakes
    * Saleen N2 shocks/struts w/ H&R springs
    * Quad Shocks removed
    * LCAs, UCAs
    * Panhard bar
    * Kenny Brown Subframe connectors

    * Autopower 4 point cage w/ cross & diagonal bars
    * 6-point racing belts & OE seatbelts
    * NO AC in car
    * NO radio in car
    * Pro 5.0 shifter
    * Aftermarket black floor mats
    * New black dash top

    * Motorsport headers, H-Pipe w/ cats, Flomaster Cat-back

    "Under the Hood":
    * Engine (not OE, do not have full details)
    * Converted to 5 lug axles
    * Converted to 8.8" rear w/ Motorsport 3.73 gears
    * Aluminum driveshaft

    The little things:
    * K&N filter
    * Motorsport Blue hose kit
    * 3-core Motorsport radiator
    * Alternator (103amp)
    * Other little things like battery, starter...

    Car is signed by Steve Saleen & Liz Saleen on the dash with "Project #69", and signed by Steve under the rear hatch.

    The car was on display at the 2004 Saleen Club of America National Show in July, and was also on display at the MCA 40th in Nashville.

    There could be more, this is what I recall at this time. Specific questions will be researched to the best of my ability for answers.

    It is not a "perfect show car", as it has been a resto project. There is most likely much more, call me for more details if interested or contact me by email at [email protected]

    The car is being sold "As-Is" with no expressed or implied warranty, and is being sold as a collector/show/track car, as it may, or may not pass all inspections in all parts of the country.

    Price Negotiation Starts at:
    $10,500 as the car currently sits, with 17" Saleen Speedline wheels on car & OE 15" Hayashi Racing wheels included

    $9,500 as the car currently sits EXCLUDING the 17" Saleen Speedline wheels. The OE 15" Hayashi Racing wheels are included, but do not come mounted on the car. You will have to provide your own 17" wheels and tires (to clear the brakes).

    If interested, price is negotiable by phone, please email first. I'm on the east coast, EST

    Thanks :)





  2. Beautiful car Mike. All the best of luck in selling it. Is it on Mark's site yet? If someone is looking for an early car yours will look good and a bargain compared to that other 85 for $15,000.
    Off note, would you be willing to part with the Speedlines seperately? Just curious.
  3. Thanks :)

    The '85 that is on Mark's site is a great car for the "True Collector", as it is low miles, and all original. That is not the case with "Project #69", however, it is a 1985 Saleen, and it does have some very nice parts on it, and can be driven without worry. It is a great looking "10 footer", and does take nice pictures.

    At this time both the OE 15" Hayashi Racing wheels (gold) and the 17" Speedline wheels are only available with the car.

    If the buyer opts to bring their own wheels, and does not want either set (in an effort to talk me down a little), then both of sets the wheels would be available seperately. 17" wheels are needed to clear the 13" front brakes. If that is how the car sells, then look for a new post listing for the wheels.

    The reason for the $1,000 discount for the BYOW (bring your own wheels) in the "For Sale listing" is that I am fairly certain that the Speedline wheels and "new" tires will sell for @$2,000 by themselves.

    I do not need the Speedlines for "Car X", the reason for selling the '85, as I already have 2 extra sets of wheels for it. Christa wants to free up some garage space, and If I do not sell, then the hunt for "Car X" will not materialize, and I will continue to take "Project #69" to the various Saleen Shows I attend, or the Speedster on the Cruises, as she does not want to sell it.

    "The hunt for Car X" is a several step process:
    1> Sell the '89 Saleen: DONE
    2> Sell the '85 Saleen: Working on it
    3> Track down "Car X": DONE
    4> Negotiate price on "Car X": Well, it has gone up $10k since I started this process, so we will see.

    If the '85 and '89 Saleens sell, and we can not come to an agreement on the price of "Car X", Christa is already thinking of other cars to buy, some I even like the idea of :)
  4. Mike, George here... just tell Christa as long as it's a Saleen then it's ok! :)
  5. OK, I dont do this internet thing much, so what/where is "Marks site"
    I have been contemplating selling my 93 Saleen in order to finish another project.


    But please fill us in on what 93 Saleen you own and are contemplating selling.
  7. Like I said, it is a 93, number 59. Red with black Recaros. Pretty much all original, never molested or abused. Dont really care if I sell it or not, but if I do I will use the money to finish my 85 GT 10.5 Outlaw drag car.

  8. Oh, and thanks for the link.