For Sale: 1990 lx convertible (CT)

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  1. 1 of 516 5.0 5spd strawberry red lx convertibles built in 1990. has black leather interrior and a white top, no rust. the car is bone stock except for flowmaster mufflers and has 48k original miles( i bought it in 2005 with 43k miles). it runs and drives great. ive done alot of maintenance on it new batt, summit rad, plugs and ford racing wires, msd cap and rotor and coil, serpentine belt, filters spedo cable temp ans oil pressure sensors etc. i have the reciepts for every thing done along with the original owners manuals and a clean carfax. the car has never been raced or beaten on and is garaged kept and covered. it also has not seen snow its entire life and rain in the past 12 years. im looking for 6700 or trades.

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  2. also the rims are gone, has stock 10 holes now.
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    not a feeler anymore, its officially for sale. more pics upon request.
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    any offers?
  5. Still for sale

    Is your Mustang still for sale? I live in Cromwell, CT. About 20 minutes away.

  6. mustang

    can i get more pics if is possible and my offert is 5200.thank u my name is Manny,my cell is (347)265-9080-.
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