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  1. I just don't have the resources to take good care of this car. I kind of bought it as a daily driver / project car. But that commute is killing me and her. She deserves better.
    Bought the car September 30th of '08. View attachment 233936
    It has about 93K on the odometer.
    Toyo Proxis T1R tires on TSW Esorils (maybe 10K on the tires)
    New cooling fan assembly (OEM replacement parts)
    New clutch assembly (OEM replacement parts)
    Other than a K&N and Eibach springs the car is all original
    I have been running Royal Purple 5w20 (6 quarts) and Royal Purple Manual Transmission Fluid
    This car is not by any means perfect but it is fun to drive and with a few exceptions it has been reliable.
    I can't go less than $9000. You'll have to come get it. I live in Canton, GA

    The carfax said that it has been wrecked. Not by me though. I have the records for what I have had done in a shop, along with a transferable 12 month parts warranty (I think labor too actually. See Tribble's Automotive - Reliable, Fair, Car Repair Service)
    Some more pics. She is dirty now.
    View attachment 233937
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    [email protected]

    Steeda Stage 4 parts included in sale
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