For Sale FOR SALE: 35th Anniversary Mustang Wheels 17 inch

Nov 23, 2018
Hello everyone, I have a set of 35th Anniversary Mustang Wheels for sale. The wheels are the correct 35th Anniversary wheels from 1999 and I have the original centercaps with them as well. Also included with the wheels are the lugnuts from 1999 and Fords Locking lug nut key from 1999. They are located in Sunbury, PA. Cash $900 or best offer. Selling all 4 wheels, centercaps, and lugnuts together. Will not sell separately. Contact me through Private Message.

The tires on them are 245/45/17 Goodyear Eagle ZR45. The tires have roughly 5/32 tread depth on them. The tires are starting to have some cracking in the tread due to age.

The wheels and centercaps are in decent condition.

Attached are some pictures I took of the wheels. The thread will only post 5 pictures at a time so look at my reply on this thread to see the rest including the centercaps.


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