For Sale: 5.0 Notchback 1987

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  1. I am selling my 5.0, 1987 notchback mustang. This was orginally a 4 cylinder car, but has everything swapped over. 5-Speed car. Price is $4,900.00 OBO PM me if interested. A/C is all new and converted to 134a, blows cold too! Interior is very clean! I know I am missing stuff, I will post up when I remember. I have a bunch of receipts and paperwork for the car as well. I do not have to sell this car, just got a new daily and would prefer to get the car out of the driveway. Thanks for looking.

    The car a good list of goodies too.
    -3.73 gears
    -Upper and Lower Control arms (rear)
    -Eibach sway bars in front and rear
    -New Clutch
    -UPR Short Throw Shifter
    -Steeda Springs and Stocks/Struts
    -Has a small cam, E Cam
    -BBK Cermanic headers
    -BBK Off Road H Pipe
    -Throttle Body 70mm
    -CAI BBK
    -New Water Pump
    -New Steering Pump
    -New Belt and Tensioner Pulley
    -New Spark Plugs and New Ford Racing 9mm SparkPlug Wires
    -New Distributor and Module
    Many others I can't remember.

    -One rust patch under the truck in the typical spot for mustangs.
    -Was hit on passenger side (guy was high, when he hit me. Go figure) should pop out. Not certain on that, I don't know much about body work.
    -Has a minor hesitation and small backfire when the motor is cold. And only under load. I warm motor, drives like a champ!
    -The Front bumper is starting to peel in a couple places, like you can see.
    -Has new headlights, one is starting fog, slightly.

  2. Friday bump. Just make an offer, open to anything.
  3. Bump, OBO I want this 5.0 gone!
  4. This pony needs a new home.
  5. ne trading on a hb lx?
  6. What do you have done to it?
  7. Thanksgiving day bump.
  8. Don't know if you sold this thing or not. But wanted to tell you that your backfire/pop through the intake when it's cold is real likely a tps calibration issue.:nice:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.