For Sale:87 5spd Turbocoupe

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  1. One too many projects,I purchased this car in august
    to fix it up,but I want to get the stang done first.

    It's an 87 TC 5spd,sunroof,blue/raven cloth interior,2.3 runs strong,
    It has over 113k miles,good clutch,premium sound w/after mrkt speakers.
    LA3 computer,18 psi boost(previous owner installed a boost valve)
    nice driving car,it needs cosmetic work(paint,body work etc.)
    doors are rusted at the bottom,rust holes in both rockers in front
    of rear wheels and rust holes on rear wheel openings.It would make
    a good project or part it out for 2.3T conversion.
    Asking $650.00 The car is located in southern mid-michigan.
    If me or email at [email protected]
  2. Runs good ya say.. will it make it to Dayton Ohio??

  3. I don't know why it wouldn't...The guy I bought it
    from used it for a daily driver.

    Of course freak storms,tornados,meteor showers and other acts
    of god or otherwise are completely out of my control.

  4. its a ford, of course itll make it...what kind of question is that?
  5. :drools:
  6. I was more concerened about does it drive straight,, Does it have any Horrible alignment problems.. DOes it have brakes that funtion normally... not being an idiot just curious... I went to look at a Blazer once that " ran good " and it would run good untill you tried to put it in gear and it would slip and catch and so on.... But anyway I am Very interested ... I have a uncle that lives in michigan so I am going to try to get with him for a place to stay for a night.. are you in a huge hurry to rid yourself of the car?? I will try to get with you ASAP... let me know when is good for you and how to get in touch with you... my e-mail is [email protected]
  7. why I don't live in the USA..?? :'(
  8. what city are you located?
  9. As stated in the post,the car drives,runs,shifts nice,it has good
    brakes..the previous owner used as daily transportation.
    It sat in my garage for the last month,I went out to start it
    and it fired right I said it needs some work,mostly

    Hope that answers your questions.
  10. Litchfield 49252....about 23 mi.west of Jackson.
    near Hillsdale on hwy 99.

    drop me an email...let me know when you'll be in the
  11. CAR IS SOLD! :banana:

    Thanks to all who replied. :nice:
  12. good I'm glad you sold it and I'm even happier that I didn't buy it.
    But I'll say what I was going to say anyway.....

    NADA says average retail is $2250. Otherwise I would be trying to figure out how to come get it. lol
  13. Is this still for sale?
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