For Sale: 89 Turbo coupe

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by egbertnr, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. clean 89 coupe.
    boss block 306, bryant crank, h-beam rod, venolia dish pistons, inovators west balancer,comp street roller cam (solid),ported afr 185s titanium retainers t&d shaft rockers, spyder intake (super vic), fast efi, 95 lb inj, all aeromotive fuel system.

    turbo kit stated as an on3performance with a little custom work. it has 76mm turbonetics turbo, 38mm wastegate, 50mm blowoff 3.5 in d/p

    Freshly rebuilt turbo 400 w ptc conv...have extra valve body modified for transbrake as well. Rebuild tranny was over 700$
    built 8.8 rear, moser 31 spline axles.
    all cobra disc brakes on car. has prostars with mt/dr as well as 17" FR500 look-a-like or close enough....personally not a huge fan of them but get a lot of complements, with Nitto555Rs

    Recently purchased complete suspesnion setup from Dayton Performance, most parts are UPR.

    Chrome moly K member UPR
    Chrome moly A arms UPR
    Coil over kit (front) with 14-150 springs
    Rear Adjustable upper control arms UPR
    Adjustable lower control arm UPR
    Spherical lowers
    Spherical ends for 8.8 housing
    Chrome Moly anti roll bar with brackets and mounts
    Strange 10 way adjustable front struts, work with UPR coil over kit
    Strange 10 way adjustable rear shocks
    CC plates
    Grade 8 rack bolts
    offset rack bushings
    Brand new 4 cylinder rear springs

    Asking 15k for all...over 2k worth of suspension stuff alone, just needs installed.

    Engine has an ever so small coolant drip, only happens when its warm, just havn't had a chance to figure out what it is.

    I am running it on a low boost(10psi) setting right now just for cruising around. Car was dynoed by the builder at 670rwhp on 16psi.

    Caris more then I Need right now and would like something I can cruise around in more and take the family out in on Sundays!Guess I am getting old, lol....or may just use the money towards a down payment on a house.
    Located in Cincinnati/Sardinia Ohio
    Pm me
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  2. not a lot of activity on here, huh!
  3. Could it handle traffic in NM summer heat? Would you drive it cross-country?
  4. Car came from Texas so I see no reason it wouldn't handle heat, but being a solid lifter car I dont think you would want to drive it cross country.....
  5. Is this car still for sale? If so, i'll swap motors with ya! Mine "only" makes 500rwhp on 14lbs of boost with the stock block, i'm looking to upgrade to a boss block and shoot for 700rwhp.
  6. Trade for a Near Mint 93 Lx Convertible?

    Heads,Cam, Intake, BBK Long tubes, Full Exhaust, 42lb injectors,Vortech V1-sc, Dual stage Meth, Built 5 speed with a 3.55 rear? Alternative auto tuned 509 rwhp on pump gas.. Could drive it to california.. Air Blows cold.. Theres a ton im forgetting..

    Just dont feel like turning this into a drag car.. but it is a high 10 street car your wife could drive as it sits.

  7. Not looking to dismantle the car.
  8. Tempting....where are you located? Actual miles? Any more details on engine, etc?
  9. Midland Michigan title in hand.

    I think there is about 128k on the chasis. about 2500 on the fresh rebuild. from moran racing..

    All new bushings the car drives like it was brand new..

    just not looking to cage my convertible so I could take it to the track once in a while..
  10. What can you tell me about your engine and suspension setup? What block, heads, cam, etc?

    Suspension setup....near stock or much aftermarket?
  11. PM sent
  12. Not really looking for trades to be honest, I am open to them but if I were to move this car I would rather simply sale it and use the money towards something else.
  13. Car is still forsale, looking for offers, please keep them reasonable.
  14. stang

    would you be interested in a trade for a 2006 hayabusa street strip bike lots of extras
  15. Thanks for the offer but not into bikes plus I'd probably end bad for me on a bike!
  16. It was sort of a rhetorical question. I knew you wouldn't say yes, but thought i'd throw in my 2 cents anyway. Very awesome car, good luck with the sale. Unfortunately I may be posting mine very soon :mad:
  17. Thats cool man, no harm taken....It sucks with things being slow right now I know under good conditions this car would have sold about 10 times by now!
  18. Latest sale has been put on hold so I am going to see if there are any takers out there in the meantime. Money talks!
  19. how streetable is the car 1-10 and is the 400 a overdrive trans
  20. I am not sure I can put a number on street ability, its more about what a person wants I think. Car is street legal and makes plenty of power...I simply would enjoy a 5 speed and an engine that I dont have to check clearances on all the time.

    TH400 is a 3 speed, and I dont think that includes an OD.
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