For Sale: aode/4R70W raptor interceptor level 2

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by afrstang, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. For sale is an aode/4R70W raptor interceptor level 2 (rated at 550hp) with only 3,000 miles. I converted to a tko 600.

    It comes with a special pressure solenoid, which has higher pressure than the stock solenoid and a performance pressure regulator spring. This is the main cause of clutch failure in the AODE / 4R70W transmission. The roller clutch is removed and replaced with a heavy-duty mechanical diode with a Spiral "Plus" Ring Kit. This is the weak point on the 1992-1998 AODE / 4R70W transmissions and needs to be replaced for any high performance / heavy duty use. Two extra clutches are added to the direct clutch drum, that gives 33% more holding power (Alto Red Eagle Power Pack). This transmission has a Fairbanks high performance TransAction Kit and an oversize overdrive servo. The stock overdrive band is replaced with a Carbon Fiber band. A new heavy-duty torque converter is included in this package deal. It has a larger than stock Luk clutch lining that is far better than the stock converter (#13). With stall speeds of 2500 RPM. This transmission takes care of all the weak points in the stock AODE / 4R70W transmissions and is a must for high performance Mustangs.

    I paid $2,200 for this tranny 3,000 miles ago. I'm NOW asking $850. price lowered.

  2. make an offer.
  3. $600 bucks :)
  4. sent a message via craigslist can you send pics to [email protected] and what it fits etc..
  5. pics sent
  6. price lowered
  7. can do 500 picked up lemme know
  8. I'd rather let it rot in my garage.
  9. transmission sold thanks for shipping and sorry for the gate guard inconvenience they usually do that when it gets dark i guess there bored
    ? where did you get the tail shaft plug im probably going to take my aode with me when i move and dont want tranny fluid leaking in the back of the uhaul.
  10. It was my dad's plug, but I think you can pick one up at autozone. They usually come in a set with several different sizes. Don't worry about the guards I'm use the that. Enjoy the trans and good luck with the trip.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.