For sale: C4 & 2500 stall

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by 65wildstang, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. I had this trans professionally rebuilt and a transgo shift kit installed. It includes a 2500 rpm continental stall that was also purchased new. I had this setup behind my windsor and decided to go with a t5 for the overdrive. Trans may have 200 miles on it when removed. I have close to $1200 tied up in this setup and need it gone due to another project. I was going to save it for a street & strip setup, but need to thin out some parts. I will ship the trans , but buyer pays for the shipping charges. First $600 plus shipping takes it. Thanks
  2. c4

    do you have the bellhousing, and any pics????
  3. Yes, the bellhousing is with it and I will get some pictures for you tomorrow. I will try to add them to the post. Also, I can email you the pictures if you could pm me your email address. Thanks
  4. here some pics of the trans & convertor. Thanks

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  5. is the trans still forsale
  6. Sorry. Trans already sold. Thanks
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