For Sale Cobra Brakes, and AirBar 4 link

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 68FBJJZ109, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. I am selling a Mustang Steve 13'' Cobra Brake kit, with Drilled and slotted Rotors, and Red Calipers. The Left side has been mounted to test fit, though never used. I am selling these only do to wheel conflicts with the kit. I would like to get around 700 obo for them.

    Also for sale is a AirBar 4 Link Rear Suspension which will fit 64-70 Mustangs, Again selling do to Rear wheel clearance issues. The Kit is Brand new, though I do not have the original box, it retails for about 1,995. If your interested just make an offer. I also have have pictures which i can send to you if your interested.
  2. I am interested in the brake kit for sure, and the air bar kit if the price is right. I need to do some checking on the brakes as far as wheel bs, size, and if anti-moan brackets are an option. Are the calipers painted or powder coated. Also are the discs zinc washed?You can mail me @ [email protected]
  3. Ok Tony I sent you an Email
  4. sent you an email too.
  5. I just signed up for this forum and I'm not sure my email went through. If you didn't get it, email my at [email protected]. Thanks again
  6. Tony I did get it, I just sent you a reply
  7. If you didn't get the reply just let me know.
  8. any pics online somewhere of the 4 link installed?
  9. Id love to take that 4link off your hands, but I dont think I could get it without insulting you by lowballing. If you want to PM ME a price, that would be great.
  10. kevin,
    I sent you the money for the airbar on wednesday. You should get it friday or saturday.
  11. Sounds good, I'll give you a call when it comes in. Good luck with your car.
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Not open for further replies.