For Sale D&D Viper T56 6 Speed Transmission

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  1. Up for sale is a D&D Viper T56 (This is an actual Viper trans, NOT a Viper-spec, which is just an upgraded T56 with some Viper parts), for $2800 obo. I will be shipping it truck freight, and the last time I shipped a trans from New Jersey to myself in California, it only cost me $150 + $40 for insurance. If you have a reasonable offer, please PM me and we'll see what can be worked out.

    The trans is coming out of my 81 Mustang that has a 2004 Cobra 4.6 in it. You can see the base specs for it at:

    D&D Performance - BA10 Ford/Viper T-56 Elec. Speedometer

    This trans costs $3500 from D&D for just the trans itself and no other accessories. I'm selling it because I'm moving into a Lentech automatic 4R70W.

    This trans is set up for an electronics speedometer, and I had it gone thru last year by Anaheim Gear and they did a few extra tweaks to it, so it can handle upwards of 800 ft/lbs of torque. and the extra mods they did were upgrading it to all of the keys to billet pieces, as well as putting in billet 3/4 dogs (See their invoice below). Those are the weakest parts after what D&D does to upgrade the trans when they initially sell it.

    It has the .50 sixth gear, and with 3.73's, I would be revving about 1800 RPM at 80 MPH. It has about 12000 miles on it right now, and comes with a modular bellhousing, Pro 5.0 shifter, yoke, new throwout bearing, clutch cable, clutch quadrant, and clutch fork. The handle on the shifter is out of a GT500 and I customized it with a small pushbutton that's had the wiring contained within the handle for a clean look. I had the button activating a relay to turn on my line lock.

    It has about twenty 1/8 mile passes, and twenty 1/4 mile passes on it, with pretty much ALL passes being from between idle and 3000 RPM, and NO dropping the clutch. I only had 10x26x15 slicks, so with 607 RWHP going through them, it would spin them through 1st gear no matter what I did. To give you an idea, with that much HP, my best 60ft was 1.68. That tells you that it never hooked properly, so the trans never felt a hard blow. I also changed the trans fluid after about 8000 miles. It comes with the pigtails for the output shaft speed sensor and reverse lockout.


















    Here's a copy of the invoice from when the trans was rebuilt:


    If you're concerned about how it would fare being shipped, here's an example of the last transmission that I packaged up for shipping. Note that I make a point to protect the input/output shafts.



  2. Price update: $2500 obo + shipping.
  3. I'm going to extend the offer I made to a couple people who are trying to get the money together. I will do $2550 shipped (That's $2400 + what it would cost to ship to the East Coast, if the shipping is less than $150 for someone closer, then it will obviously be that much less than $2550), if you would want insurance, it would be about $40 to $50 extra. This is a great deal on a solid trans. If the buyer would also like, I could take it to Anaheim Gear and have them test it on their trans dyno for $50, which I would split with the buyer.
  4. interested in a 2.2 kenne bell?...if so shoot me a PM..if not GLWTS..thanks
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