35th Anniv FOR SALE HELP

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 99 silvr35th, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. I'm considering selling my 35th, what do you guys think is a fair price?
    It has 22k miles. (silver)
    DD black bullits with BFG d/r with about 90% treadlife (have original wheels). Vortech supercharger (mongoose kit) installed and tuned by Tim Barth of Modularpowerhouse (380rwhp, 382rwtq)
    x-pipe (no cats), flowmasters
    eibach pro-kit
    MM C/C plates
    dragon plenum & t/b

    That's basically it, the car is extremely clean. thanks for everyones help.
  2. Damn, two low mileage silver 35th's for sale on the same day? See other thread.
    He wants $13,000 firm for his with 2000 or so miles less and his is a 'vert. I'm assuming yours is a coupe, but with the added S/C, you could probably get about the same. So, I'd say $13,000 also.
    You guys are killing me!
  3. I said 'considering'..lol....For 13k I would keep it, it's worth a lot more to me and when reality hits (market price) my mind has changed. I think everyones car is worth more to them but i was just curious, and my curiosity has just come to a hault. Guess I'll look into a built motor next, the $ for it is insane though that's why i was considering selling, time to save.
    Hey anyone here have experience with SVT Contour? I'm picking up one on Sat. for a DD, was curious (again) on some opinions of the car.


  4. Understandable, we all want our cars to be worth alot more than they really are. Your 35th sounds like one nice ride, I'd keep it especially with the SC pushing out some fine numbers.
    As for the SVT Contour, they are nice handlers from what I hear. I wouldn't go crazy with engine mods. You already have that in the GT.
    How many miles does the Contour have? How much they askin?
  5. I plan on doing zero engine mods to it.
    It's a 2000 with 29k miles, it has a Bassini exhaust, lowering springs, black wheels (black car), and a tower brace, that's all i can see. It's at a dealer, he wants 9k which is high but the car looks really good. I have a 00' xterra that i use for DD 13mpg h'wy, 80 miles a day so i want to trade it for something a little better. I figure my trade in value is around 8,500 so i'm getting the svt as an even trade, so i'm getting it for around 8,500 still high but the mileage is decent and i don't have to take a dollar out of my pocket (most importantly). I'm using my 540i the last couple of days and with the 8 i'm getting roughly 23/h'wy.

  6. Sounds good, go for it.
  7. Unfortunatly,this "market value" for our cars are not good.I've contacted some ford dealers and the 35th package to them is nothing.My 35th vert w 18k original is ultra mint and I've been tracking prices for 35th's on ebay for 6 months and some "mueseum' cars w/under 1,000 miles are fetching no more than $15k. Granted,most will not let them go for that but it just shows you that the cars WILL NOT fetch what we think they should. This is a sad reality when we think we have something a little bit special and we baby,pamper and garage these cars to receive nothing more than a SLIGHTLY above avg. value for them.This is why I'll never buy another vehicle like this to baby and pamper.Just buy a car and drive it daily,or when nessasary to get your fix 'cause if you don't YOU will not get the value out of the car. Believe me,I too was going to s/c my car but in reality it JUST KILLS the resale value:shrug: Also dont bother with the NADA or kbb value for the 35th.We will never get anything near it.Sorry to depress.........:nonono: