For Sale-Kenne Bell 1.5 Supercharger, GT40, LMAF, 42# injectors, Meth Kit

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  1. This is a Kenne Bell 1.5 supercharger for the 5.0 pushrod engine. I bought it from AmericanSuperchargers last winter, it was brand new, had been sitting on their shelf for years. It has the snout for 87-93 mustang, and discharge is for GT40 intake. Also added KB Bypass valve kit. This blower made 9 and 11 psi on my stock engine with only 1.7 rockers and headers. All these items have less then 2,500 milees on them and work perfectly. Selling the car, so selling this seperately. $1500 shipped to lower 48.

    GT40 lower intake for above $75 shipped90mm Lightning MAF with Filter and Wiring Pigtail $100 shipped
    42# Summit Racing fuel injectors , see below $225 shipped-
    75mm Professional Products TB $100, 1" non EGR Spacer $50- Cooling Mist Trunk Mount meth kit with 2 Devils Own 7gph and 2 14 gph nozzles $250-

    NVM consider it sold here

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  2. I have cash in hand, let me know if its still available! Location?
  3. I'm sorry I didn't update, this is SOLD Thanks
  4. Do you still have the water/meth kit?
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