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  1. LOW mileage TKO 500 transmission for a ModMotor with stock shifter, stock bell, Spec3+ clutch with aluminum flywheel and Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft. Just over 1000 miles on the transmission! Ran at the track for three passes on street tires with a best of 1.92, so the tranny hasn't been beat on.
    The tranny is still in the car is getting a turbo 400 and the boost is being cranked up!

    I'll post pics if needed as soon as I get it on the lift and get the tranny out in a few days.

    $1300 plus shipping.

    Installation is available if in the Phoenix metro area for an additional fee.
  2. How much for just the transmission. I live in Phx.
  3. Transmission sold yesterday
  4. WELL............the guy backed out 10 min ago!:mad:

    Back up for sale!
  5. TKO 500

    Is tranny still available? Is a 10 spindle or 26 spindle input shaft?
  6. Still available.....10 spline
  7. How much for just the aluminum drive shaft?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.