For Sale: Tork Tech Inlet and Ported Blower upgrade for your 99-04 Saleen

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by 2FNFAST, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. Show Polished M90 with a Stiegemeier Port/Rebuild. Has around 4500 miles on it. Makes 11 lbs of boost at 6000 rpms with the 2.8 pulley. Tork Tech Inlet and Single Blade Throttle Body. This blower is friggen loud! The scream is an awesome bonus. Capable of well over 400 whp with supporting fuel mods and tune. You would expect to pay over $1000 just to have pieces like this polished, not including the cost of the port or the inlet which was $800.

    Bypass valve not included. Selling because I stumbled upon a polished KB 2.2 with the one off adaptor plate featured in an 02 issue of MM&FF for the saleen manifold...

    $2000 for it all, FIRM. Bolt it on and see what your S281 should have felt like from Saleen.

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  2. Make me a reasonable offer, needs to go!
  3. What else would be needed to install this on a 2003 GT with PI 2v heads?
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