For sale/trade: 1984 Mustang LX hatch 5.0 AOD CFI

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    1984 Ford Mustang LX, 5.0, automatic (AOD), CFI (Central Fuel Injection), **unknown mileage** (speedometer was inoperable for an unknown period of time before I fixed it).

    THE BAD:

    1. Crack in windshield on far passenger-side near top (damned dump trucks on the Loop 202);
    2. Power steering pump is noisy at low speeds (typical Ford problem - already swapped pumps once, flushed, and refilled with Type F);
    3. Slow, minor antifreeze leak (only loses about a quart every 300 miles);
    4. Extremely quiet OEM single-outlet exhaust (might be a plus, if you prefer a quiet car);
    5. Stock CFI motor and single-outlet exhaust = only rated for 155 horsepower from the factory;
    6. Has minor up/down idle fluctuation on cold startups for first 30 seconds before smoothing out, then has high idle (1,200 RPM) thereafter (but otherwise runs/drives perfectly fine). This is due to a bypass of the idle compensator (vacuum diaphragm leaks) or the vacuum solenoid that controls it and the choke pulloff - cannot find replacements for either, but it has never been serious enough of an issue for me to bother chasing down the parts;
    7. No headliner (bare underside of roof painted to match, not noticable unless you're really looking);
    8. No heat (heater core is bypassed).


    1. ALWAYS starts, has been very good to me, I daily drive this car 70 miles a day to/from work;
    2. ICE COLD AIR CONDITIONING! Gets down to around 38*F while cruising at highway speeds (according to a meat thermometer I stuck in the vent :D ), so it's cold enough to freeze you out even on a 110-degree day;
    3. Fresh fluids, brakes, and tune-up, many new parts throughout car with receipts - just put in gas and go;
    4. Several upgrades for performance, reliability, comfort, and so on (detailed below);
    5. Printout of Carfax report available - car has been in Arizona its whole life;
    6. Not the fastest 5.0 Mustang on the road, but strong enough to roast the tires and fast enough to get you into trouble;
    7. CFI can be swapped to a carb'ed setup with OEM parts and single-outlet exhaust can be swapped to duals, getting you close to the 200-horsepower mark (or higher, depending on what parts you use). I will throw in a set of OEM headers and a double-hump transmission crossmember with the deal, so all you'll need is an H-pipe or X-pipe and cat-back of your choice (with hangers) to have duals;
    8. GOOD GAS MILEAGE for being a V-8 with an automatic - I average 20 MPG highway with the A/C running and 24 MPG highway in the cooler months with the windows rolled up. (City mileage is anywhere from 16 to 18 MPG, depending on how heavy your foot is and whether or not you use the A/C);
    9. THE DASHBOARD DOESN'T HAVE A SINGLE CRACK IN IT. Good luck finding a Mustang of these years with a dashboard in this condition (and in this price range)!
    10. PASSED SMOG EASILY less than a year ago (and that was before I even gave it a tune-up);
    11. MINIMALLY-OPTIONED MUSTANG - the ONLY options this car was ordered with were the CFI/AOD package and air conditioning, otherwise it's a bare-bones Fox. MANUAL WINDOWS, manual mirrors, manual seats, and no center console. Not only does this make the car more lightweight than optioned-up '87+ Mustangs, it also means there's less fancy electric crap to worry about failing. ;)


    1. 130-amp 3G alternator (Duralast reman from '95 GT, only 3 months old) with grounds and starter cables upgraded to 4-gauge;
    2. 7.5" rear end swapped out and replaced with 8.8" limited-slip rear with 3.08 gears and quad shocks (ZERO wheel hop);
    3. Rebuilt AOD transmission with shift kit and plate-style accessory trans fluid cooler (installed by prior owner, not sure how exactly long ago);
    4. Seats from '89 GT Mustang (MUCH more comfortable than the crappy LX buckets);
    5. Sony Xplode 6x9 rear speakers and 2" tweeter front speakers (sound great when hooked to a quality head unit);
    6. Energy Suspension sway bar bushings and end links (excellent handling, even with 15" rims);
    7. LX tail lenses from '90 Mustang (the stock '84 lenses were all cracked/scuffed up);
    8. Mustang logo Dashmat dash cover;
    9. High-torque mini-starter from an early 90's 5.0 (MUCH lighter, less stress on the electrical system when cranking, gives more clearance for headers);

    I had big plans for this car but I was offered a deal I couldn't refuse for another Mustang, so this became my daily driver instead of my weekend toy. The ONLY reason I'm getting rid of this car is to get an S10 Blazer/pickup again (since I traded off my last truck to get my other Mustang). I hate to see the thing go, but I can't justify having two 5.0 Fox Mustangs.

    I am not desperate by any means to sell the thing, nor am I in a big rush, so the price is non-negotiable. If it doesn't sell, or if nobody has a quality trade to offer, then I'll just keep driving the car to/from work every day like I've been doing. PLEASE don't be one of those clowns offering 1/2 my price, or trying to trade me a POS vehicle or ATV's or guns or whatever junk. Also, bear in mind that this car is 25 years old and has a lot of miles, so don't nitpick on every little scratch, dent, minor leak, or whatever else - if the car was showroom-perfect, I would be asking a LOT more for it. :p

    THE PRICE: $1,500 ***FIRM*** CASH ONLY. Period. End of story. Take it or leave it.

    THE ONLY VEHICLES I WILL CONSIDER FOR TRADE are an S10 Blazer or S10 pickup (any year) with a 4.3 V-6 and 2WD. Trade offers MUST have a valid title, be in good running condition, and be of similar value. I may accept trade + cash if your vehicle is worth slightly less or needs a few things.

    PM ME TO ARRANGE A TIME TO CHECK OUT THE CAR. I am in and out a lot, especially during the week, and my cell phone sucks, so e-mail is the best way to reach me most of the time. I check my inbox frequently throughout the day.

    CAR WILL BE SOLD AS-IS. I will NOT ship or deliver. Local sales ONLY. I will NOT take payments. No animals were harmed in the making of this ad. :D

    (Please note the engine bay and interior pictures are about 3 months old. Visually, the only differences are that I have installed different seat covers, different stereo, the shifter now has a working button, and there's a 3G alternator installed.)

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  2. HA!!!!!! MINE! :banana:
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