For the love of god! Can anyone tell me what a hot shoe can do in an '18 with a manual?


My dad had a bra
SN Certified Technician
Sep 5, 2001
Seaside, CA
I'm guessing 12.4 or faster.

All I can find are 10-speed times in media. Even the trusted hot-shoe Evan Smith only drove the auto. He coaxed an impressive [email protected] But, who cares what non-driving MFers who need an auto can do. I want to know about the manual.

I love complimenting auto owners on how fast they shift after a good race :D
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My dad had a bra
SN Certified Technician
Sep 5, 2001
Seaside, CA
Well, there's this:

Says the mag was written in December, but in google searches last week it didn't pop up. 12.6 at 115 with non-powershifting MFers. So, maybe a few tenths and a couple miles-per-hour quicker with great conditions and trick driving. Not too shabby! Way better than the 13.2s similar mag tests got from the 2016.


My dad had a bra
SN Certified Technician
Sep 5, 2001
Seaside, CA
So, even though there may not be too many with an interest in this topic, I figured someone else might come along.

Automatic dynos:
LMR: 416 rwhp
Mustang 360*: 419 rwhp
415 rwhp: random youtuber
405 rwhp: Brenspeed

Manual Dynos:
431 rwhp (w/ x-pipe)
430 rwhp Lund Racing (442 on 93 octane with a tune and 462 on E85)

Lund went a best of 12.1 and a best of 120.4 mph with the manual on the E85 tune (32rwhp over stock). The auto went [email protected] That's the same day results. It's still not clear to me that the driver got the most out of the manual, as the video mentions bogging and so forth, but I do believe that's definitive enough to conclude that the auto is the faster car, given that it stock outran a tuned E85 manual version. With an ET Street R, the auto did not cut a faster 60' time, but did run a faster time and trap speed: [email protected] On Lund's E85 tune with trans, the auto went a best of [email protected] mph! That's a car with a tune, unhooked air filter, E85, and a tire! Wow!


Jan 11, 2007
The all new 6 speed manual has been breaking done due to the change over to Chinese aluminum shift forks. Several current 2018 owners are driving around in rental cars because Ford does not have a fix yet and parts are backordered big time. And the previous steel shift forks will not work in the new revised MT-82. The word is out and the A10 is picking up more users due to this latest fiasco.


My dad had a bra
SN Certified Technician
Sep 5, 2001
Seaside, CA
Damn. A blow to the Manual transmission community. Manuals have been pretty regularly the most reliable variants for ever. Leave it to China metals and corporate cost cutting to undermine a reliable product.
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