For Those That Are Sick Of My You Can Watch Me.

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  1. I just bought the JVC version of a GO Pro.:banana:

    Now'll there'll be a Madmike channel.:puke:

    I've been watching this thing since Christmas where it was on sale for 99.00 from a normal price of 199.00.
    ( I'm still kicking myself for not buying it then)

    But Tiger Direct has some B stock refurbs they're selling for 89.00, and it was just too cheap to not buy it.

    Sooo,..let me see..........hours of mindless video of me dickin' around in the garage, edited down to the bare minimum w/ at least one mechanical collision w/ flesh causing a copius blood letting, immediately followed by a raving temper tantrum, all seen from the perspective of having a camera strapped to my head .
  2. Where do I get my subscription?
  3. Are you kidding?'ll be free to all that can stand it.
  4. I need a link and a video asap! No way I'm sleeping tonight till I get a fix!
  5. I don't have it yet,..I said I just bought it,..then I gotta learn how to use it, then I gotta edit it and post it. The intake will be built by then.

  6. I already get this channel. Every time there's a progress update. o_O
  7. Yeah,.... but you don't get the Technicolor, 1080P, w/ surround sound version.

    But you will.
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  8. It'll be like the Doom movie all over again.


    Hey... Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hasn't done chit lately. Maybe he can come help in the garage and say something tough once in a while. :chin
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  9. Why don't you just go all out and set up a live feed from your garage.
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  10. This is brilliant!
  11. The Bane of your existence:
    It actually was here Friday night when I got home, but it needed charging (5.5 hrs via USB), and it needs an optional SD card for media storage.

    I remember when all of the TV anchor people initially complained that HD would make them look worse because of all of the added clarity the higher resolution was capable of. Now that I have this thing, it's kinda the same way for me, because I can no longer selectively "frame a shot" to hide the garage disaster that usually is right out of the frame.

    So,...if nothing else comes from my usage of this stupid little box, least I'll have a clean garage.
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  12. Haha, this is awesome. Lets just hope a chunk of cut off wheel doesnt poke its eye out.
  13. Sure, I'll bite. It will be like Hot Rod TV mixed with one of those shows with clips of people hurting themselves. I can save time by watching one show instead of two. Actually....even better, I get to watch another grumpy person spend money and throw tools. Currently, I only have myself for entertainment. It's an ongoing reality tv show called "What the Hell is Broken Now".
  14. I would rather watch Mike's true to life shenanigans in the garage that the staged bs on Hot Rod TV of Two guys staged garage any day!!!
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  15. So I got the little camera thing out today and piddled around. Not much to look at other than the obvious. I have a cold that won't go away, so I'm sniffing my ass off all through the vid. The camera works great, looks and sounds awesome. Super easy to use.
    Not bad for 89 bucks.
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  16. Glad we get some narration in the video. It wouldnt be the same without some story telling.
  17. It's funny actually,..I'm kinda intimidated by the camera. (Some people are just more camera friendly, I guess) I also purchased vid editing software for the inevitable culmination of all of the clips that'll go with that intake vid once I get further along. Until then,..I gotta work on the deer in the headlights thing before I do any selfies.
  18. That's pretty cool Mike! The camera is cool too, but I was more referring to the fabbing procedure.

  19. Thanks Joe.
    I was supposed to TIG this thing together,(and I will, when I get to the "finish phase") But the fitment of those inlet tubes requires so much grinding to get the proper throat radius, that it was just too easy to use my little MIG. (hard to believe I've had that stupid little 299.00 Lincoln for almost 10 years now).
  20. We finally get to see the mad scientist in his natural habitat. I really think you should wear some kind of mask for every video you do. It will help you with your stage fright and it could just be your 'thing'. You could create quite a following on YouTube. I think Noobz should have the honors of choosing a mask for you.
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