For those that have Mass air Conversion

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  1. i am considering this mod, because although i'm not extremely modded i think SD is holding my car back a not here to debate which one is better, i really just want to know if those that have converted have ever looked back, and im not talking about just converting for FI; but those that have just converted with similar mods as me.....
  2. Nothing to look back's just a simple conversion that allows you to go further 'easier' than you can staying SD. I did the FMS kit conversion, plug and play...factory look, and done in 30 minutes. Of course the drawback to the FMS kit was the 500 price tag....but hey it was only money :). All 89 up mustangs are mass air, there are no surprises to it...but remember even with mass air you need the correct meter and injectors to meet the engines needs, simply converting to a stock meter will not give you much greater a margin than staying SD unless you have an aggressive cam in place. My old SD setup didn't mind the intake or RPM head additions at all, but I kept the stock cam. Once the new cam went in....the SD setup was just too ****y for me to keep it in place.
  3. Just make sure you don't short change yourself and go with the wimpy 55mm stock unit. If you are keeping the 19lb injectors go with the 94-95 70mm unit or if you are going with bigger injectors, dump some money into a bigger (75mm+) aftermarket MAF unit.
  4. I'm still SD and have an SN95 70mm TB and intake hoses already installed. It's funny when i pop my hood and people are like "Hey, your MAF isn't plugged in...wait...there's no plug for it!"
  5. right but as of right now i dont have any mods or plan to (in the near future) that will upset the SD. i am not saying its bad,i just want to know if its going to be night and day or at least 20+-hp gain?? i mentioned before im not super modded but my car does disappoint me and i was just wondering if the maf would bring it up to par....

    and btw:
    my plans for the mod were already a 70mm maf(for 19lb injectors),but idk about that cause i do have a stock TB choking it all up....which was also my idea for mod cause that lil tb could be the missing link to a well breathing engine??
  6. I swapped my old vert to mass air and I really didnt notice much difference. I had thumper heads tmoss ported cobra intake and a nx264hr cam. It wasnt a night and day difference.
  7. With your mods, i'd do it...esp if you've been debating a cam.

    It won't give you 20HP, but it will help things run more smoothly and be able to tune it better
  8. did any of yopu guys get at least an easier climb through the rpms??
  9. I converted my notch to mass air when i did h/c/i and Used a NOS fms Kit was
    a piece of cake and was plug and play. i used a NOS 93 Cobra mass air and 24lb injectors and runs like a raped ape now.
  10. mass air on hold, oil pressure/overheating (check other thread) is more important:rolleyes:
  11. I have been under the impression the 93 Cobra MAF didn't calibrate for the injectors but the computer did...
  12. No the maf does. Thats why you have to have the maf calibrated for what size injectors.
  13. so easy you'll kick yourself later for not having done it sooner
  14. Wrong answer...

    The output voltage of the MAF is a function of the air flowing through it. The MAF itself does not know about injector sizes, nor does it care. All it sees is that an increase in airflow means a corresponding increase of MAF output voltage. Altering the design of the MAF body can alter the flow past the sensor.

    The OEM ford system was designed to use input from the MAF, BARO, ECT, O2, TPS & ACT sensors to calculate the proper air/ fuel ratio. The computer uses the sensor data to calculate an open pulse time for the fuel injectors. The change in pulse time changes the air/fuel mixture. The injector table uses only one size injector in its calculations. Changes in injector size are done by modifying the injector flow table data in the computer’s program. This is a much more accurate means of determining the engine’s fuel requirements. Using a different MAF than the one the computer was designed for can upset the computer's calculations and the air/fuel ratio.

    What aftermarket MAF’s do is try to fool the computer by either changing the amount of airflow over the stock electronics (C&L method) or by altering the sensor itself (Mass Air Systems method). The goal for both methods is to change the output voltage of the MAF so the computer calculates new data that is used to vary the pulse width sent to the injectors.
  15. No, it's in the computer. So unless you have the '93 cobra EEC, you are not tuned correctly.

    Calibrated MAF's is purely an aftermarket thing. With the OEM meters, you need a chip, tune or cobra EEC to run 24's
  16. This is the info I was told and heard after I ran a Cobra MAF and 24 lb injectors.
  17. you have to run the cobra maf along with the cobra computer for it to work correctly.
  18. So I'm curious... Can you run the Cobra meter with a standard (A9L, A9P, whatever) computer and 19lb injectors? Does the Cobra meter have the same voltage signal as the 55mm meter? I've always been curious of this, because the 94-95 "standard" meter looks so much line the Cobra meter.
  19. The 94-95 GT 70mm MAF is the same as the 94-95 Cobra 70mm MAF. Same P/N's on the electronics.

    In fact, i'd be willing to bet it's the same meter as the 1993 cobra, but with a 4-bolt flange instead.

    So i'd assume really all you'd need is the 24# injectors and the 1993 cobra EEC and you can run it with the stock 55mm MAF. Question is...why would you want to? If you need 24's, you'd prob need a bigger MAF anyway.

    I guess the question is can you use a 94-95 70MM MAF with the Cobra EEC and 24# injectors....rather than needing an actual 1993 Cobra MAF...which might be tough to find.

    Personally, i'll stick with an A9L/A9P and just get a custom tune done. I'm a firm beleiver in custom dyno tuning over any off the shelf chips and device trickery.
  20. I see, I see. OK, next question: I know I've read before that other cars outside the 5.0 cars use the same 70mm meter with the same sensor. Certain model year Crown Victorias, for example. I want to say that there was even a thread outlining the cross functionality of such meters. Anybody here have any information on this?

    Sorry for the thread hijack, I figure this is in line with the topic at hand.