for those who can't decide 3.55 vs 3.73

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by remat457, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. I took my stang in after deciding to upgrade my 3.08 gears to 3.55. I decided against 3.73's because I was worried about having traction issues and because of gas mileage.

    Well, to make a long story short, the previous owner was wrong and I have been driving with 3.55's the whole time!

    Soooo......what I can say for people considering 3.55 vs 3.73 gears is that with my 5-speed and a good set of tires you will NOT have traction issues. I would definitely recommend 3.73's without a doubt!!!

    BTW, my vert gets 23MPG (highway) and 3.73's won't make much of a difference...

    Anyhoo, just my opinion..


  2. good to hear it, I too just recently switched from 4.10s to 3.55s due to traction and drivability issues. There are a few companies on the market who sell an in-between gear. ex. 3.64s / 3.90s ect ect...
  3. well....i got my 3.55's for free, i can't complain :D
  4. I tell you though, I can't stress enough the difference tires make! I had no traction with teh Goodyear Eagle's (can't remember which ones but even Goodyear rated them "summer only") and I now have BFG gForce and they stick like glue! :)
  5. There wouldn't be much difference between 3.73's and 3.55's. If your having traction problems, that means you need to pay attention to the tires and suspension, not change gear ratio's. When I go to welds (which I plan to) I plan on a 28" tall tire for the back. This will basically turn my 3.73's into a 3.42 gear, so I will probally go to a 4.10 gear, maby even a 4.30 and even higher since I only do the 1/8th mile because a 1/4 track is so far away and way too busy.
  6. I have 3.90's in mine and i love them, granted the car is mostly stock. If i went with a power adder, i would most likely switch to 3.55's. Sureshot, who makes 3.64's? i've never seen them for a mustang, but i know a kid who has them in a chevy..?
  7. Im not 100% on that #, but i know they make the uncommon "inbetween" gear ratios. Like the whats in the middle of 3.55s and 3.73s?
  8. ah gotcha....i wanted somethin like that if/when i go to a blower so it wont feel like such a drop from the 3.90's.
  9. remat- That's crazy. The guy that sold me my car told me it had 3.55's, so i've been thinking i've been driving around with 3.55's this whole time. I just checked it out the other day and I really have 3.08's. Exact opposite of your situation.

    I will definitely be upgrading to 3.73's soon.
  10. damn 3.55's are that soft that u dont know that your driving with them?
  11. always nice when the owner doesn't know what the hell they are talking about. or just plain lying out the buttocks.
  12. I made the swap from 3.08 to 3.55's and thought is was a good mod, but with the new combo, it pulls harder and longer, but doesn't feel like I want it to. I have 3.73's, but is there really that much of a difference between the 73's and 55's? I might just go 4.10's and be done with it.

    Hey sirsureshot, are those 4.10's still for sale?
  13. i gues it iwll be 3.73's for me.
  14. Try running 2.73's. And knowing it.
  15. Would I advertise something thats not for sale? Of course they are, Everything in my sig is...
  16. was just asking, didn't know if a deal was in the works or not. How much shipped to 44691? How many miles, any pics? You have a paypal acct?

    [email protected]
  17. dont know how much shipping would be, my dad does all the transactions, im stationed overeas. approx 10,000 miles , i can get pics, and YES, i accept paypal.
  18. i need a 8.8" rear and either 4.10s or 4.30s :cool: It seems alot of you are afraid of having a lower gear, dont know why?
  19. Afraid of lower gears? I run my truck. :D I run whatever is practical and the 3.55s feel great for me.
  20. I have 4.10s in my car and i'd rather have 3.73s. Anyone wanna swap rears? :p