for those who can't decide 3.55 vs 3.73

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  1. Even with a 28" tall tire and an AOD I need to go down to 3.90's or 3.73's. I run out gear with 4.10's. I agree that a mildly moded motor car will do better with 4.10's. 3.73's are really good for cars that actually drive alot. If you drive a long way 4.10's get old.
  2. Thats what I'm sayin. 4.10s are GREAT on the streets but on the highway you really should have something to give it a little top end. Then they are perfect. Otherwise the 4.10s really do slow you down at higher RPMs. But most people on here that add gears eventually at a minimum add some sort of Cobra or Edelbrock intake.
  3. I just finished my 3:73 build! Looks like i went with the right set of gears!
  4. 4.10 for me-in an aod!!! no overdrive though
  5. I'm with you guys - 4.10's just take the revs up too high - you become rpm limited before aero threshold is reached. The happy medium for top end is likely 3.55's for most Stangs.

  6. That sucks!
    hmm...I am amazed that there are so many people that don't know what is in their car :shrug:
  7. I have 2.73s, so when I upgrade to 3.73s I will have a higher top speed? Man, upgrading from these 2.73 gears is starting to sound better and better
  8. You may be trying to help and understand that but i do know the difference vs low and high gearing. I have 3.27's sitting if i want to switch. IF the car is not to my liking with 4.10's i will change back to another gear. I'm certainly not going to change them BEFORE the stuff goes on, before i can even make my mind up. like i said i will keep them with the turbo unless its just too wild. then i can be like :spot: and :banana: once their switched and the rear end is built to withstand the power. even if its for only 1-2 months i'm gonna run it with them to see if i like it.
  9. anyone here do there own gear swap??? first time???? traction lock (posi) rebuild??? any pointers??? in my opinion they biggest cost is the labor... i might try doing it myself. Everyone had to do it themselves some time or another.. LOL!
  10. Another way you can go is to get a whole new rear end with the gear you want already installed. I've seen some nice built 8.8s for less than 800. Sure that's more than a new set of gears and an install but depending on where you go that could cost you 4-500 dollars for everything. I'd rather have a whole new rear end for a little bit more.
  11. I have to say, It is pretty sad when someone lacks the intelligence to offer advice without the name calling. I'm better than that, so looks like someone will be first person to added to my ignore list.
    Congrats sirsureshot39!
  12. I apologize if I hurt your feelings, I wasnt aware that you were so sensitive. :rolleyes: Next time I'll be sure to do a background check before I make a "unintelligent" comment. Thanks, and feel better.


    PS: your not going to get a "feel" for the car using 4.10s, because your turbo wont have enough time to build full boost or youll be blowing the tires off due to it. When dealing with big power, its "intelligent" to step down your gearing to accomodate for your traction, or lack there of. Especailly when using a power adder such as SC or TC. Hope this helped.
  13. :) you really shouldn't be so's the internet. Plus he did try to give you some advice. All my friends running power adders are using 3.55's or less.
  14. i got a question.. does putting higher gears in your car mess up anything, like the torque boxes
  15. why would you absolutely NEED an alum. driveshaft? by the way guys i have some 3.55s in my garage from my truck. should I put them in or just buy 3.73s? As you can see from my sig my car already hauls some ass with 3.55s but im in between gears everywhere. I think i would like 3.73s the best but I alreayd have the 3.55s and im a kid with 2 vehicles and I dont know if i can afford new gears because of college soon.
  16. Agreed, turbo's need to be given time to spool up - they don't work the same way a supercharger does.

    As for being worried about upping the gear, sure it's fun and all but try running 1800 rpms at highway speeds and then running 2500 rpms - think the extra rpms don't increase wear?
  17. No, it has nothing to do with that really. Think of a high gear in terms of trying to make it up a steep hill, and then if you go to a low gear in terms of going downhill. All it makes the engine do is help it "step" easier by being able to rev to a certain point with less effort. The other tradeoff is increased rear-wheel hp and torque, but not enough to rip your torque boxes apart - if you do then it was your setup (engine) to begin with.
  18. I have all the Gears everyone needs $145 Shipped to anystate.All gears are motive gear brand new never taken out of the box comes with factory warrenty. From what I'm told there is nothing between 355 and 373 but we do have 390s.
  19. I went from 410's to 355's because I wanted more driveability, more top end, and my first gear was useless with 410's. Im happy with 355s with my mods so far. My truck has 373's but also has the truck geared 5 speed for hauling and towing probably that kinda sucks, the 1st 3 gears wind out way to fast, cant wait to throw a tremec in this baby. :nice:
  20. funny but since i thought they were 3.08's i was always afraid of going to 3.55's or 3.73's!!