For those who drove the GT and v6...

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  1. Who is satisfied with the performance of the v6 as a fast car?

    While the GT is definately a fast car (almost race carish), does the v6 fall into fast with the everyday cars you see on the street (while maybe falling into the lower category of race car fast) or so-so and if you want a fast car just go with GT?

    Any takers?
  2. Drove both, ended up with the six since I'm poor and a few other things in my life take priority over my car payment. For the money though, it is pretty quick. I just want something I can get on a bit with the windows down on the way to and from work, and it is a blast to drive. The GT is faster yes, but I saved a little money to put dual exhaust on the six and tint my windows. My car always looks the way I like it now and makes me smile, but I wouldn't always be able to wring out the extra performance the GT has over the six; so I think I get a bit more of my total investment back on a daily basis with the six.

    V6= Pretty fast and fun
    GT= Bit faster and more fun to drive when you can push it
    All 2005 Mustangs= Beautiful cars and fun to drive

    Can't lose
  3. Here in this post, you have nailed the glory of the V6... It definatley feels fast enough for the average person.. Of course the GT is faster, but the V6 has enough power to quench the thirst of most sane people.. People who can appreciate a quick head-snap in either direction..

    What a very good thread man!! Its the essence of the debate between both cars... On paper, and at the Dyno, the GT shows its brute force approach to pure ethics violations.. But in the SOTP Dyno dept, the V6 will make you think Ford managed to slip in a GT engine into your V6 somehow, and no one caught it! LOL!!

    Your right, both cars are awsome beauty's! Having pride in either one will come naturally! :nice:
  4. well ive owned both. i originally bought the six. i loved it. its a great looking car with some decent power for a 6. i wanted the gt from the get go but as scarce as they were at the time along with the crazy dealer markups the 6 seemed like the logical choice. well a month after buying the 6 a gt with the exact options i wanted showed up on a lot. it was ordered for someone who never picked it up. well i jumped on it. traded in the 6 and got the gt. i lost 2k on the trade in. not as bad as i planned for but a loss nonetheless. so if youre deciding between the 2 dont make the mistake i made. regardless of which model youre looking at make sure youll be happy with your decision. in the end i feel like getting the gt was the right move for me. i ended up getting the car i really wanted. either way both are nice vehicles and should bring a smile to your face. :nice:

    2k poorer but infinately wiser.
  5. I don't think the V6 feels like a fast car at all, the GT is quick in my books but not race car like. I suggest you drive a brand new Corvette, then drive a Mustang GT and you will agree that the Corvette is race car like and fast. The Vette is extremely quick in my books but not fast either. I also think the V6 could use more power but that is just me.
  6. The v6 is fast. And it is certainly fast enough for a sane person. If you are going to race on a track, you probably want the GT. The V6 will give you all you want and more that's legal (and beyond).
  7. The V6 is quite quick. It's more than fast enough to get my adrenaline goin'. With a few bolts on's gettin' the hp up to around 240-250, it'll be even more fun!

    Doesn't matter which car you've been drawn to, every Mustang is a brilliant work of art.

  8. Hey man, I just tried the same thing.. I was only going to lose $2,000 buck on the deal.. They dont have any GT's where I went, only Roush Mustangs, for $36 grand.. You got lucky.. Nice job.. You know what, this tells me the V6 may hold its value for awhile.. It is interesting that both dealerships were willing to give back mostly all of the money, accept for 2Grand.. Not sure where you live, but I am in California.. Thats nice to see the V6, able to roll off the lot, and not lose the normal $5000 dollars as soon as you take it off the lot..

    Whats even more interesting, is that you could take your GT and flip it for close to $30K and someone would buy it.. You would make some money... I am not sure how long this trend will last.. Maybe once more cars are made, the value will decrease.. But right now, the V6's and the GT's are being really respected cars by the dealerships..


    So take this to the bank.. Based on both of our experiences, if you change your mind before 2000 miles on the V6 Stang, you will only lose $2000 bucks off the value of the car.. Thats good to know.. I am shocked to see aagvain, was offered my exact same offer... So basically, V6 owners, who wish to turn GT, your loss will be only $2000 bucks.. Not bad really..

    Also, one more thing.. It looks like alot of dealerships are putting alot of aftermarket upgrades on the V6's, because the GT's are hard to find.. Some of the V6's I saw today looked really nasty... One was Silver with Black rally stripes with 20" rims, which were black in color.. Needless to say, it looked really sick.. LOL!! Kinda made me not feel so bad.. :D
  9. Answer to question = the 6 is fast IMO and I've owned a fox body LX with an 8 in it. This feels faster and my LX had a lot of work done to it. This still feels faster.

    But I just really wanted to touch on what someone said about them holding value. I just picked my 6 up for 19.2. The dealer was telling me Ford feels like they underpriced the cars for that they put into them. That is part of the reason they are all (even the 6's in a lot of places) selling way over MSRP. I know it's also because they didn't make enough etc. etc.. so both issues are playing into it. The dealer was telling me he believes they will up the base price next year. If that happens.. (here is where my oppinion comes in) I think if that happens that the value on the 05 will actually go up some.

    But thats just me..

  10. It appears you understand how I feel.. I had been tricked by my V6 for awhile.. Now I will say, to this day, the car feels really fast to me.. I have owned several V8 Stangs in the past, and this car feels just like them.. I got my car dynod and it did 182RWHP, and 216 RWTQ.. This had me highly upset.. I couldnt believe it.. But your right, that power in the V6 feels really strong for some reason.. But most guys live and die by the Dyno, and thats whats had me screwed up for the last 2 weeks.. But atleast you have kind of verified my feeling of the car, I have been trying to make everyone here understand.. Thanks!!

    Also, in regards to the value, yes, I dont know of any new car currently, where the dealer will give you back all the money accept for 2Grand.. That says alot at this point in time in regards to the true value of the V6 Stang05..

    Most cars will lose about $5000 the same day, as soon as you take the car home.. Not the V6 05Mustang..
  11. Yea your right MSP .. I have some plans for upgrades... I should probably take it before I make those changes or else I won't really know for sure what the upgrades have really done... If I do wind up taking it to the Dyno I will post for anyone intrested.

    P.S. part of the reason It may feel faster to me is because the LX was auto this is stick... Maybe kina sorta .. perhaps not really who knows LOL
  12. well, as some people said, the v6 is faster enough for a sane person. that's where i fall into. i would love nothing more to have the GT for the power it has but for what i would use it for (highway cruising and maybe once and a while flooring it on those roads), it's not worth the extra $6000 and the increase in gas and insurance costs. the v6 will give me nearly the same thrill (being the fastest car i would ever own) while also being perfect for what i'll use it for day in and day out. the only thing will be, once in a while i will wish i had the GT so i could floor it, but like i said few and in between. logic suggests you go with what you will use and not what you can have just to have it but don't use it that often. more of a waste of money (not the GT, but owning one and not usuing it for what it's for ON A MORE CONSISTENT BASIS).
  13. I've got a V6 premium pkg. vert w/ an auto. For the same price I could have got a loaded GT hardtop. I enjoy the drop-top but the car makes a lousy driving machine. It feels more like driving a truck. My last car was a 350Z and I really miss the 287hp and refined handling. In hindsight I wish I would have held out for a GT vert, but I was hooked on how great this car looks. Don't buy the V6 for gas mileage, it's not a justifcation that works for me in practice. I'm getting 18mpg city, 20mpg highway. Somehow I think that if I had a more powerful V8 that I wouldn't stand on this thing so much and might actually get better mileage. Just my 2 cents!
  14. I love my V-6, havent drove the GT though, I honestly dont know what I would do with the power that the GT has to offer as my V-6 feels plenty powerful enough for me.
  15. I just got back from test driving a GT auto. The exhaust sound is totally different (deep and throaty - sounds more tuned, not like a truck like the V6 does). The gas pedal travels less and there's no hesitation like on the V6. I would have traded my V6 today but the dealer was asking a ridiculous $2000 markup for "limited availability". They wouldn't negotiate so I walked away. I also highly advise against anyone getting the vert. The ride is so sloppy and the frame creaks like a boat when you speed up or corner. I can only comment on the ride of the V6 vert, haven't seen a GT vert in dealers. The GT I test drove was a hardtop.
  16. hmm... 180+ mph and a low 12 second quarter isn't fast... okay....
  17. Ever drive a car that runs 6's in the 1/4? That is is fast. Ever drive a street legal car that runs high 8's in the 1/4? That is fast. I have and that is where my opinion is from. There is a big difference in a car that runs 8's in the 1/4 and one that runs 12's.
  18. i think i speak for everyone when i say fuggin duh, dude. how many truly streetable cars are running 8's and not on juice? few if any at all.

    anybody that says they'd like to drive a 6 second car to work every day is full of crap and a 6 second car on a road course? suddenly not fast at all... cuz it only goes straight.

    saying only 8's and below is fast is just stupid and you know it.
  19. I want a street legal car that runs 8s in the 1/4 =( Of course Id probably get arrested.. but hell, one great 8 second ride when that ricer makes his mistake!
  20. Yeah but you won't would you! :nonono: