For those who drove the GT and v6...

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  1. Nice troll. :nonono:
  2. Not showing much business sense either. The Mustang would not exist today if it weren't for V6 sales keeping it alive. As anyone will attest that the V6 sales account for up to 80%+ (depending on year) of the Mustang total sales! Car models must have varying degrees of quality, cost, colors, and value in order to maintain customer satisfaction. Customers dont all need a gas guzzling GT or higher powered Mustang. The original Mustang wasn't even very fast. It is a sporty car, not a sports car, and trying to turn in into a sports car would only make it alienate it's long selling history.

    There will always be a good, better, best Mustang model, just learn to deal with it and how it makes us able to have more Mustangs in the future...
  3. Typical message board garbage. I make a point that Ford should of never made the V6 and you come out with personal insults. For the guy who says the modded V6 could beat my GT....I don't think so. Also your business theories are false. The American economy is strong, people have money...just look how many 3 series BMW's you have flying around. Point being...if Mustang built the GT as the base model....chances are the V6 buyers would of forked over the extra bucks for that model. You think i'm wrong? Why doesn't Mercedes have a 19K car? They don't need to...the cars they make are good enough that people are willing to pay for it. The same would of worked our for the Mustang. The legacy is far too strong for sales to flop. Oh and my throne is very comfortable :D
  4. fast? this is the first quick STOCK non-subdivision (SVT or SVT or shelby etc) that IS quick and there you wanna talk like there's a huge history of mindblowing performance regarding the mustang...

    it isn't a fuggin vette, its a good all around car that's affordable... THAT's the point. if the V6 didn't exist the GT wouldn't exist because the V6 is what most people buy.

    so, chuckles, put that in your pipe and smoke it all the way down the sidewalk.

    p.s. don't even bother replying, my logic is sound and yours is based on bragging. you lose, i win, game over, go home.
  5. Go get'em Kev - hella-cool :nice: You da'man :flag: :cheers:
  6. Cute reply...but sticking your fingers in your ears and singing doesn't change the truth. Dogmatic doesn't even begin to describe you. Regardless, the fact is that the GT is a serious performer. With an inexpensive CAI/new exhaust system/and a simple tune up you have a 370hp monster with a 0-60 of 4.7 seconds. Believe it or not that is M3 territory. Anyway who cares..when I have my Saleen supercharger and 500hp they will all be dust. One more thing...try not to reference Corvette as the ultimate sports's very guido.
  7. The Camaros and Firebirds are no longer made because GM focused on the V8. That's not what the majority of the people wanted. Ford builds the V6 for the masses and that makes it profitable to also build a V8.
    So V8 owners owe a lot to V6 owners. And that's the truth.
  8. well yes i flung insults back because as i seen it you insulted us V-6 owners, why do you even bother coming into the V-6 forum area? to hate or to offer information.
    And comparing Ford to Mercedes is wrong, the only sellers Ford has right now is the Mustang and the F-150 so they need the V-6
    oh and in my 89 5.0 i had a M3 for dinner last night....
  9. I recommend that you stick with the GT boards and leave us alone. None of us is interested in listening to more of the V6 vs. GT blurb.

  10. They are no longer made because their quality was so bad that no one would buy them....

    I do agree with your statement about the V6. The V6 stang did keep the Mustang around for a long time. The 05 V6 is a really nice car. More powerful and faster than most (if not all, I am not sure) previous stock GTs.

    Pontiac has the V8 only GTO. It ain't doin so well.

    Nick, if you did not want a car that you will see on every street corner you should have bought an expensive car. Any inexpensive car relies on VOLUME to get the price down. The majority of potential buyers in most car categories do not really care that their car is the fastest out there. ('vette, BMW and Porsche buyers included)

    If you want something with a 'pure' performance pedigree you should NOT have bought a Mustang at all.
  11. compared to the mustang its a fuggin ferrari.

    oh yeah and i dont have a V6, hell, i dont have a GT. you still neglected the point that the base model stangs are profitable enough for the GT to be in existance.

    you obviously lack a fundamental understanding of economics AND mustangs in general if you can't admit that the vette is a better car.
  12. We bought our V6 because:

    1 - always wanted a Mustang
    2 - it's what we can afford
    3 - insurance
    4 - looks just as good as a GT goin down the road

    I don't care if ya have a V6 or a GT, it's a Mustang and that's all that matters. Have a nice day. :)

  13. :cheers:
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  16. Mercedes sells because of one thing: consumer response to successful branding. They make a very good product and they sell a brand that people want, that is the operative word here, consumers desperately want to be asociated with that brand.

    Your idea would never work because people do not flock to Ford in the same way and at the same income level that is necessary to have cars start at $30k and go up from there (a la Mercedes). There is no conspicuous consumption with a Ford in your driveway.

    If you want to know the true meaning and heritage of Mustang, go back to the beginning. Hundreds of thousands of the new pony cars with 120HP 6 and a 200HP 8. That is the true heritage of Mustang. It started as a sporty car that the masses loved. The '05 v6 is perfectly in harmony with what Mustangs were introduced as, a sporty car with moderate power.

    The way vast majority of all mustangs ever sold have been modestly powered. Ford would never modify that business model - and they would be defying the heritage of Mustang to "built the GT as the base model", as you suggest. It would never happen because it makes very poor business sens.

    Mustang is not a GT, it is a sporty car which happens to have a GT option - alwasy has been that way.
  17. Mustang is not a GT, it is a sporty car which happens to have a GT option - alwasy has been that way.
  18. its nice to see that there are jerks everywhere. I was starting to think they all resided on the RX8 boards :) Seriously, I have had a chance to test drive the v-6 stang and as a general car fan, I can definitely appreciate the v-6 stang for what it is. Its a fun car to open up on the highways, from what I have heard, makes a great daily driver; throw in its georgeous looks and you got the best bang for buck in its price range, cant go wrong.

  19. Wonder how I let this guy slip by me? Damn!! Dude, stop by more often!! :nice: