For those who drove the GT and v6...

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  1. wow that must have been one LOADED v6 vert.

    EDIT: Cad :)
  2. See that's what make you a can't handle it when someone says the V6 is weak. Sorry it is. Not saying it's a bad car, it looks great and is affordable...but in my town I see far too many soccer mom's and old bearded men taking away the badboy image that is Mustang. When I think Mustang I think Bullitt.
  3. nick85, what do u own
  4. Hey Nick85, you dont own a V6, so even if you own a GT, why must you post @hit in the V6 forum? You get a hard on or something? If so, then go jackoff! :notnice:

    Because seriously thats what you are is a Jackoff!! LOL!! Like we give a ratsass what you think.. You think it makes a difference to us how you view the V6's? You think anyone in the V6 or GT forums value your opinion? This is prolly why you post here, because even the GT guys know your worthless, and your opinion is even more worthless. So take my advice and go "beat it" by yourself man.. :bs: :nono:
  5. Nick85

    Most of the guys who own V6's have had 3 or more V8 cars, and chose the V6.. So your intellect is really deprived to come here and try and disrespect V6 owners.. I've been looking at some of your recent post, and feel you should be socked once or twice in the *5ucken mouth.. :nice: :nono:

    From now on, anyone quoting this jackoff, please use the following smiley face at the end of the post.. :nono: LOL!!!
  6. rough day MSP? lol. ive only owned 6 v8 cars :p
    this is my 4th mustang (only v6), trans am, shelby, and a duster.
  7. Whats up Fazm83!! No, I had a great day.. But I noticed alot of guys are pulling punches on Nick85, when they should just say what they feel about his dumb post.. Sorry if it bothered you..
  8. Don't get so'll live longer.
  9. LOL!! I had no emotions at all while explaining to you my postion Nick85.. So now that you seem to be responding rational, mind explaining the need to bash the V6? I mean, what for? Why such a hatred for the V6? Explain to us why you feel insulted we have them.. If the reason is good enough, I'll trade mine in tomorrow.. Just curious to see if maybe you know something we dont..
  10. oh no it didnt bother me, i was quite enjoyin it lol.
  11. I already explained that I think Ford made a mistake. They should of made the GT the base model, followed by Boss and Shelby. Oh and I'd like to see you try and "punch me in the mouth" i'll crush your ****ing head just like I would to a haji in Ramadi :cheers:
  12. oooook put the purses away already. Not only do you not like v6's but you hate ford in general. Even though they own people like aston martin, guess those are jokes too. oh well. to each his own, and you you, a goodnight
  13. What the hell does Aston Martin have to do with changing the line-up of Mustang? I'm talking to freakin morons :banana:
  14. Was in reference to ford being a mistake,
    and im glad you talk to yourself a lot, must meet a lot of girls that way.
  15. Actually I prefer hookers...they talk less. I didn't say Ford was a mistake smart guy try again.

  16. LOL!! Yep, your worthless!!! :nice:
  17. Your mom's worthless (except when she takes it up the bum)

  18. bud,

    you could have a 18sec car when that ricer makes his mistake :rlaugh:
  19. the v6 may feel fast because of the torque curve...anyone actually have a dyno of this car stock? what does the curve look like? what rpm does max torque hit at.
  20. Why would they radically change the vehicle that they are most known for and has stood the test of time on a proven model: build a good looking, sporty car for the masses with an option for the minority of buyers that want high performance at a higher price point.

    To suggest Ford should take your approach would suggest that share holders won't mind lower sales and less profit. It is clear you really like your GT. I don't blame you. But this makes no sense as it has no upside and loads of downside.

    The 6 cyl has always been and will always be the biggest selling Mustang for Ford as it fullfills perfectly the original intent of the model: affordable sporty car for the masses. Your suggestion takes the Mustang significantly away from the intended market. :shrug: