For those who drove the GT and v6...

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  1. Very intelligent reply. I agree, the 6cyl model is the life blood of the Mustang.

    I recently started paying attention to this forum because I am considering purchasing a 6cyl Mustang. My commute is about 180 miles round trip. I only work 3-4 days a week. My daily driver is a 93 Ranger and my ranger is at the point where it is becoming a maintenance nightmare and I prefer to drive my GT. I have racked up over 90,000 miles on my GT and it is a 2001.

    I am looking to purchase another car for the purpose of commuting to work. I get pretty good gas mileage in my GT normally 20-24 MPG if I keep the RPMs down.

    I plan on keeping my GT and getting a forged rebuilt engine and then installing a power adder. If I go with a G35 or a nicer car, then the GT is history.
  2. here is a dyno i did 2 months ago when i got my first tune. and why is everyone still talking to that guy. MSP he called you a wanker so he must be a brit or somthing. he bagged on your mom so he must be a teen he doesnt post any info in his profile so he must be using his dads computer. i wouldnt waist your time with him. those type of people are like male dogs eat drink copulate and run fast. no brains go to the freezer get the box. his bark is worse that his bite. like most kids if you ignore him he will go away. i just wouldnt respond to his posts. i grow tired of this crap. ya know they have the filters for profanity i wish they had filters for stupiity and theese guys just couldnt post in OUR forums. maybe we should go to the v8 forums and stir them up. i dont think so its not all of the just the bottom feeders.
    peace to all (well maybe not all)
  3. from the look of that graph, the 6 is very torquey. good for the feeling of fast. remember torque is pull.
  4. What's wrong with male dogs? :notnice:
  5. So here is the dyno after the tune with the CAI. runs great im happy for now. an as for dogs i have a german shepherd. (female) they are much more loyal and better family pets.
  6. just now noticing that not only did you gain a pretty decent amount of power from that, look how smooth its delivered compaired to the stock one (because of the tube design)
  7. oh yea the car is much more fun

  8. Looks real good Afixer!! :nice: I think thats the best yet, if I am not mistaken.. With mine without any kind of tuning work I was @ 182RWHP, and 216RWTQ.. Your at 205RWHP and 214RWTQ.. WOW!! That baby must really feel good when its pullin..

    Are you considering the nitrous kt for $540 bucks? I like your setup so far, and would love to see you get 260-275 RWHP... It looks like all you would need to be equal or almost close to a GT is the nitrous kit.. If your not considering it, maybe you should.. LOL!! :D
  9. yea not much into squeez. funny thing if you look at the earlier dyno without the CAI the torque was higher (220) when i got that tune the air temp was much cooler, that may have had somthing to do with it. the last dyno was in the afternoon and very hot out. thanks for the compliments
  10. that is sooo bull****.. ok i am going to own a mustang gt. and i have driven both the v6 and the Gt. i chose the Gt because i could get it at an x plan price. And i think the v6 pales in comparison to the GT. Like my father said.. "Are you sure they both were mustangs?" and my point is, that mustang GT's are amazing vehicles, the v6's are just cars... and yes they do appear to be like the v8's and are not as costly, they still dont have those two cylinders that people have come to know the mustang for. I mean ask anyone off the street what they think of a mustang as.. i bet 99.9% of people are going to tell you a muscle car. and i do not.. lemme reaffirm that. I DO NOT think the v-6's are muscle cars. they are great looking cars (not as good as the gt hence they are cheeper) but dont mistake them for muscle. and if any v-6 owner disagrees with me.. gimme 3 months and ill see you at a stoplight. then tell me how much of a muscle car it is..
  11. @MSP the dyno for afixer is actually around 199rwhp with smoothing, the torque converter locked up and created an artificial ****e. But still 199 is very nice.
    apparently you cant say "s p i k e" lol
  12. Well if the V6 wasnt offered I would not have bought a Mustang. Alot of other peoplr would not have either.

    For me its not all about buying the most expensive car I can afford. I like the looks, economy, price, and experience of driving my Mustang.

    Im a bit older than most of you, but I put more into my retirement accounts every month than my 2 car payments and insurance combined. Thats more important to me than blowing alot of money on a car to get to and from work and is worth less every day.

    So, how many of you "muscle car" owners put back some each month for retirement? Not many I bet.

    My point is life is not all about cars, I could afford a new vette if I so desired, I just dont want to spend that much money on a car, I paid 22k for my nicely equiped V6, its a great car and Im happy with it, I like the GTs also, but like the vette I dont want to own one.
  13. The consumer has spoken. You don't have to speculate or make up "what if you asked" scenarios about what the man on the street thinks. Simply look at what they said with their money. The vast majority of Mustang lovers buy a six, not an eight. That may not set well with how you would like to think the world sees the Mustang, but that does happen to be reality.

    I think the GT is a great version of the Mustang. A load of fun to drive. It just happens to not be the preference (for lots of reasons) of most Mustang buyers.

    But as time passed, the pony car packed on weight. Bigger engines and technology required to reduce emissions made the Mustang heavier and less nimble. All of a sudden, the light, taut Mustang grew into a brutish muscle car.

    By 1972, sales plunged to their lowest point since the car's introduction. "Our pony car turned into a fat pig," Iacocca said.

    Sales soared as a Pony car...sales plunged as a muscle car. The people spoke then and have spoken now with the 05 - they prefer the V6. It is the Pony car that people love.
  14. Before I ordered mine I was going back and forth trying to figure out which one I wanted. I test drove a V6 and liked it. The problem was they weren't even letting people test drive the GT's unless they were serious about buying the ones off of the lot. Since I was ordering mine, that wasn't an option.

    I went with the GT for two main reasons:

    1) I can afford it.
    2) The sound it makes when I start it hits me right in the gut....

    My wife and I discussed it more than once and she told me what I already knew...I would be happy with the V6 but knowing I could have had the GT would have been something I think I would have regretted.

    Both cars are awesome and I know I paid a little more(25k on x-plan) for the GT, but I can't tell you how happy I am that I did.

    PS: If I couldn't have gotten it on x-plan I probably would have gottent the V6.
  15. Sanctus looks like a reincarnation of nick85 :rlaugh:

  16. This is how it really should come across.. Both cars are great.. Of course the GT is better, in regards to power and handling.. This makes owning the V6 that much better.. Ask yourself, who would actually buy the V6, if the GT was a bag of bolts? Nobody.. So the V6, and GT compliment each other.. The new 05 V6, just made the game alittle more easier to digest.. LOL! I appreciate your honest opinion.. Why people choose to be dishonest about this subject is odd.. If you already own a GT, you dont have to worry about a V6.. Simply tell someone who is over zealous like me at times, this..

    Listen MSP, you may be able to reach my engine power level with mods on
    your V6.. But I also have suspension, rearend, tranny, bushings, beefy sway bars, stiffer springs, stiffer shocks, a stonger driveline, fog lights, and a GT badge.. LOL!! :nice:

    GT guys will always have a better car.. All V6 owners know this.. We are not trying to be better than the GT.. We are just trying to be better!!
  17. thats the main misconception that most people have. very well put. :nice:
  18. I don't know about where you guys are but the 05 GT is outselling the 05 V6 by a wide margin here. There is a tonne of V6's sitting on the FORD Dealership's lots here with very few GT's. I saw 5 GT's and about 16 V6's between the 2 dealerships here. The majority of what I have seen on the roads have been GT's as well.
  19. I have seen mostly V6's in my area but i've heard dealers say the GT's are easy to sell whereas the V6's just sit on the lot :shrug:
  20. This is why you can't trust your own casual observations:

    The V6 version accounts for about two-thirds of Mustang sales, said Ford spokesman John Arnone.

    The numbers are what they are...and always have been. As I said, no need to wonder or offer opinion on v6 sales vs GT. The production numbers answer that for us. There are more V6's on lots because there are a lot more of them made. The deamand for the GT is very high. However, this doesn't impact the facts.