For those who drove the GT and v6...

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  1. FYI / The Last of the `05 GT's

    My local Dealer just got his last (official) allotment of the `05 GT's

    he still has a $3K mark-up and a $500.00 Ford Alarm system added to each one.

    Most are "stickered" at about $32,000.

    Or put another way,,, that's 1 & 1/2 times MORE than I paid for my V6.

    :nice:, huh?
  2. isnt it actually only 50% more? 1½ times more would be like $50k (20+20+10)
    guess its just how u look at it :p i use percentage but whatever

    but ya, our dealer is still stickin $5995 on gt's, just went there today, they negotiated down to 2k markup, and i was like gimme a break, so we left.
  3. I read on other posts that the delay when you floor it is the drive-by-wire setup and verified with my dealer that both the GT and the V6 have the issue. Though probably not as evident in the GT. He told me to get a tune and it will resolve it and have verified from other posts that this is the case.
  4. The hesistation is the caused by the torque limiters. This is especially noticable in the automatic when you try to take off from a dead stop. Floor the gas the the car will feel like it's actually bogging and then eventually takes off... The computer sees to much torque and it basically shuts the motor down! (They want to make sure your drive train makes it through the warranty period) I've got the V6 automatic and I could not get the tires to spin even when power breaking. I bought and X-Cal2 and now can spin my big oversize BALLON tires! I added a Trac-Lok last week so I'm actually spinning BOTH tires now!! It is a night and day difference! Lidio from Alternative Auto has developed a tune for the V6's and removed all the torque limiters! It's amazing! I'm actually chirping the tires on my 1-2 and 2-3 shifts!

    Here's the dyno sheet for a completely stock V6 automatic before and after using Lidio's 89 Octane tune. Notice the increase in torque!
  5. Damn those autos get a big gain, i wish the manuals would have a similar gain.
  6. Yeah, Ford really hinders the performance of the V6 Auto... because they "Want to make sure your drive train makes it through the warranty period"... LOL! I was happy with my car when I bought it but the more I drove it the more frustrated I became with the hesitation and the lack of pull off the line. I could feel the car pull really strong as soon as it went to 2nd so I knew the power was there... just couldn't understand why 1st was so bad... then I learned about the torque limiter... I thought quite a while about buying the X-Cal2 before I actually bought it... The final straw came when I was sitting a stop light. A car pulls up next to me... They are giving me BIG THUMBS UPS! They yelling "Nice car! COOL CAR!!" Then it happened... they yell "LIGHT'EM UP!!!" I just hung my head and whimpered.... "I can't!" BOOHOO!!! It was EMBARASSING! So I went straight home and order my X-Cal2! And I been peeling out ever since! LOL!
  7. The auto's dont have as much peak power, but they do see the greatest gains. The only v6 manual ive seen dynoed 191 stock and 199 after a tune. thats only a gain of 8hp, but still much more power than an auto.
  8. That around a 12% difference for the auto vs manual... sounds about right...

    Looking forward to getting my car on the dyno thursday...
  9. i have come to a conclusion on the v-6 mustang. I personally would not buy one, but that is only because i can afford the gt so i do not really understand everyone elses position. I like the looks of the gt, and not so much the v6 but it still looks better than any import at that price. And when i come to think about it, a 4.0 engine in a car is not something to be ashamed of. i mean it is a v6 but its a rather large v6. im not impressed with the numbers that it is pushing but i do think that for the money it is a good car. *my opinion has changed after some long thought regarding this subject. i still do not understand the people that mod their v-6's and put 5-6k into them when they could have just baught a v-8 gt. so i dont get that aspect of the v-6 owners section but i do understand the appeal of the v-6.. but please all you v-6 owners, do me a favor and dont put fog lights in the grill and gt badging on the side and in the tail and 17in bullits to try and make people think you have a Gt, if you buy a v-6, dont make it something its not. be proud of what you have dont try and make it something else
  10. We put Bullits and fog lights on our cars to make them look better, just like GT owners who mod their cars. What I don't get is why GT owners feel the need to hang out here and make stupid comments about V6s. We don't really care what you think. You stay in the GT forum and we will stay here. Is that so hard for you to understand? :nono:
  11. Tell us why you got a gt and not a saleen, or a roush? I think its goin to be fun the first time i race an 05 gt after my zex is installed and he sees me pull on him or at least hang super close. Its goin to make him feel like an ass that is pend $5000 less, even after mods on my car, and i can take him.
  12. Of course there will be more v6's on the lot, theres 2x as many of them made.
  13. please tell me you are joking. The day that you spend 5k less than a gt sticker (which i payed Zplan) and beat a stock gt is the day that i will consider buying a v6.
  14. The GT is more than 5k extra. It's 6k more even if you pay sticker. I got my V6 with the X-plan which saved me about 1800. The GTs have at least a 2k markup if you can find one, usually more. So in reality, the GTs are 8k-10k more than the V6s. A Zex nitrous kit will put a V6 into the 12s. It has already been done.
  15. Gimme a break, ZEX alone will put me in the low 14's on a bad day, and thats $540. They already have a nitrous project car v6 that has run 12.79 in bad weather conditions.
    only performance mods were
    headers, intake, exhaust, tune, nitrous.
    thats only like $2500 if you pay someone to install it, nevermind doing it yourself.

  16. That's that latest dealer craze in the Detroit Metro area... They do everything they can to turn the V6 into a GT... they do stop short of putting the GT badges on but that's it... front/rear facia, gt grill w fogs, dual exhaust, gt bullit wheels... They park them out front so people will see them and stop in... and of course they mark up all stuff.. I'm with you I don't care for it... I"m actually trying to keep mine looking like a V6... (hence no dual exhaust! LOL!) I had my first kill a couple of nights ago because I'm sure the guy seen I didn't have fog lights so he thought "it's only a V6" LOL!

    I had no intention of modding my V6 when I bought it... I was very happy with it. I could have afforded a GT... maybe even 2... I had my list of reasons not to get a GT... The top item on the list is that I never pay sticker for a car... period... let alone $2500 over... so I decided to stick with the V6...

    Much to my surprise I was very happy with my V6. I bought it mainly for it's looks! Not it's performance... but was pleasantly surprised by it's stock performance... Then I decided to start "personalizing" it..... Just a few little appearance mods... Things I would have done to a GT had I bought that... like my stripes... Then I stumbled on to performance mods... Now I've never been mechanically inclined... I barely know the right end of the screwdriver... But all of a sudden I'm actually working on my car and it's actually making a difference! It is big sense of accomplishment for me! It's become a new hobby for me! If you were to ask any of my friends they'll tell you that I'm the last person they ever would have thought would be in to cars! I mean if a year ago if you had asked me what a 4.10 was I'ld told you it was a shotgun! LOL! Moding for me has now become a hobby... and seeing what I can get out of the 4.0L has become a personal challenge of sorts...

    I haven't spent anywere near $5,000.... On performance mods I've spent around $2,000.... At the crank I'm probably making somewhere around 240HP... That's pretty respectable to me considering my 02 GT was only 260HP... I'll post my dyno sheet when i get back from Woodward... So for less than the cost difference of V6 vs GT I have a completely personalized car. One that really stands out! And one that in my opinion has very respectable performance... I'm afraid if I had bought the GT I might never had discovered that fun addiction of working on my car... I probably would have just left it as is... I would have just had another bone stock GT... Instead I have a car the is really a refection of me! I take a lot more pride in this car than all my previous cars combined! Before I got my V6 I never went to a single car show... Now... I'm usually enter at least one a every weekend... some times two!

    I do respect your post. It's a lot more intelligent than the beligerent ones I usually see... You know the type, "It's not a Mustang if it doesn have 8 cylinders..."

    And trust me... You will NEVER see fog lights, dual exhaust or GT badges on my V6... LOL!
  17. im sry you are just ignorant, in my post i said that i am paying for my gt at z plan pricing, which is below x plan. So if you really want to compare apples with apples, im getting a gt premium coupe for just at 25. and so the markup your talking about isnt even part of my post. And that is complete bull **** that a nitrous kit would take that much time off your 1/4mi time. not even a supercharger would take it down 2+seconds. not that alone. And i would like to see a v6 stang running 12s i really would. that would impress me, post 0-60 times as well as an official drag slip and then we will have a disscussion, but untill then your numbers are just that, they are YOUR numbers that have no validity or basis. so please if your going to say your v6 is running in the 12's with a "zex kit" then please be prepared to back it up
  18. And if its bs, how come the GT on the nitrous kit has pulled a 10.99? thats almost 3 seconds.

    Now get out of the V6 forums and enjoy the GT forums if you dont know what the hell you are talkin about. My little pinky knows more about cars than you and im only 22.
  19. uhhhhmmmmmmm uh, does it make any difference that my Ford Dealership added the 17in Bullits and GT grill?

    :rolleyes: (... to me either):rolleyes: