For those who drove the GT and v6...

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  1. In some ways the V6 makes for a MUCH better platform for a Turbo System than the V8 ...

  2. Ignorance is talking about something which you have no clue about, which is what you are doing. Do a little research before you go running your mouth.
  3. This is annoying, both cars are great!!!!! The V6 and the V8 are for two different markets, but either way it's a mustang. I get so frustrated with the V6 vs. GT war!!!! It dosent matter as long as you love your ride. For me, I could afford the GT any day of the week, unfortunately the insurance would have kicked my a$$ which is why a lot of people are in my shoes. Another interesting thing is aprart from the engine, jack the V6 shares so much of the V8 it's sick. Thats why the V6 is so easy to mod with GT take offs.

    I got two more kills today, a 3000 GT and a Civic SI!!!! And I let both of them catch up to me at the 4th light, gave them another shot...and handed thier A$$ to them.

    GT or V6, both would have been proud to pound a import into the ground that thought they could hang with a mustang....well not all imports (i'm not stupid, some imports are just sick fast!).

    The bottom line is the V6 has a lot of potential and at 4.0, any mechanic will tell you it can go. It's not V8 but it is still really respectable. You know, there are a lot of cool V6 or V8 owners that surf both areas of the forum, and have good suggestions. But this crap "you should have bought a V8!" is just plain annoying.

    What if someone posted "you should have bought a M5, or a Evo!". If that happened, V8 and V6 would pound on that sucker. It's getting old, just drop it. Either way, its a great car.
  4. One thing that I know for sure is that very few of these 'V8 snobs' have ever even driven the 2005 V6's .... especially one that's been 'tuned'

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    And now let me lay out a challenge to my V6 brethren here ~
    try and find one person each month that you think is really interested and let them test drive your ride!

    The most fun that I've had with mine (so far) has been watching the way my friends light up when they're lighting-up my tires!!!

    peace ~
  5. Many customers at my shop comment on my car, and ive let a few of them go and drive it, they all come back with smiles on their fast, and some of them even debated the fact that it was only a v6 lol.
  6. Well said, I let two people drive my ride (though it was hard for me) and both loved it.
  7. when installing the trac-lok, did u need to buy anything else than the actual differential?
  8. i think u only need the tlok, you can get gears if you want them.
  9. Read the topic of the thread and you will know why GT owners are posting here. Some of us, have driven both and bought the GT. I know I wouldn't have been happy with the V6 especially considering some of the competition out there. I don't consider the V6 to be all that great a value for the car you get, on the other hand, the GT is. There are cheaper V6s with less displacement and more HP than the 4.0L in the mustang.
  10. And none of them are under $20k to start
  11. And, even more important, none of them are a Mustang.
  12. You know, a few ricers give imports a bad name. A few GT owners give GTs a bad name. I really wish mods would just SMITE people who come into these forums bashing the v6. Its SOOO LAST WEEK GUYS GET WITH THE PROGRAM. GAHD.

    Seriously though, its getting ridiclious. Its sad and pathetic. Its pushing me, and Im sure others are right there with me, to the point where I want to pull up next to every 05 GT be it on the strip or street and smoke them. Just because I know we arent going to get any respect until we do.

    You need just the T-lok.

    Anyone that owned a GT and wanted to drive my car, Id probably let. Especially some people off these boards. they love their car as much as I do mine.. and I know they're going to treat it right. Not do anything stupid. In fact, if there are any GT or v6 owners in the ATL area (TN AL SC NC) within like 5 hours of me let me know. I love road trips.. just give me notice and let me know hotel prices where you life. Ill let you take it out for the day if you pay gas. Im sick of this crap.

  13. I'm in the Atlanta area, I will let you drive my car. :D
  14. Cool. I move back into Emory in two weeks, and technically live in Rome during the summers. Ill be sure and shoot you a PM when I do.. hopefullly all these mods I just ordered will be installed then too :)
  15. Its a futile effort.. Somehow Black2001GT wants you to believe his stock 2001 GT can take your V6.. He's dreaming, unless he has done some aftermarket mods..

    Granted, if you get alittle squirrley on the launch, his TLOK rearend will put him in front, leaving you in a catch up situation.. But overall, Black2001GT really has no room to talk.. His GT year was nothing special.. It was actually a year when Ford really didnt know what they were going to do.. In my opinion, besides the basic GT options, his power is not overwhelming at all, and he should be a push over, unless he forces the race past 115MPH.. In which case, you need to remove the speed limit restriction..

    But I wouldnt lose any sleep on a 2001GT.. Go to bed! :nice:

    Lets break this down alittle Black2001GT

    (260HP @ the Flywheel)- 15%= 221 RWHP

    (302TQ @ The Flywheel)- 15%= 256.7 RWTQ

    Based on these numbers Black2001 GT, you should be actually considering picking up a 2005 or 2006 V6 Stang..

    These numbers mean, if I catch you slippin or asleep at the green light, I'm eating a 2001GT for lunch.. LOL!!

    Guys, this is a perfect example of why you guys shouldnt waste time arguing about this stuff.. Just relax.. I'll race Black2001 GT and show you how its done!! :D

    Its all in good fun Black2001GT :nice: But you should start posting more realistic in terms of what a Black 2001 GT represents.. Right now, your misleading the public..
  17. V6 Power. You dont hear us V-8 guys whining about get respect from the v-10 owners. Suck it up and take it like a Man, you have a Ford V-6, maybe if you do a nissan vq swap, pick up 80hp we can have a party(at which you will still lose).
  18. Last time I looked it up, a 98 GT is 220HP. Which is nearly the same as our V6's. Not sure where you are getting your room to talk dude.
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