For those who drove the GT and v6...

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  1. uh my car makes 241/283 with just a tune. hmmmmmmmm might want to check my garage ricer, I mean big time 210hp v-6 owner. Hell my 04' I-4 turbo saab9-3 2.0lmakes 210HP. AND ITS A SAAB.
    edit: also my slow stock 225hp 98 ran a 15.0 @93 which is similar to v-6 times, and I wasnt making huge threads *****ing about it. Also a 98gt was only 20-21k new. About the same price, or less than your mighty v-6.
  2. Last i checked 98 gt's were around 22,100K new, with NO options. Thats about $2500 more than a current v6 which rides on a MUCH better platform.
  3. Why can't we all get along? V-8 Folks , this is a V-6 forum. Why not leave us alone?
  4. actually they were 19,300 with no options 23,500 loaded(mine) but I got it for 19,700 before ttl. :flag: MSRP is for suckers
    :OT: my bad.
  5. yea, my ride was 23K with all options. either way it dosent matter, GT, V6...whatever. As long as we like our rides.
  6. and don't forget to adjust for the cost of inflation since 1998! LOL!!!
  7. Exactly. I dont get it, i dont bash v6 owners, for 1 i am one, but i also own 2, soon to be 3 v8's (and i just sold 1, and another was lost in a fire).
  8. It's amazing how many people get so stuck on the number of cylinders... No matter how much HP or Torque a V6 makes they will never give it credit... They will always have to bash it because it's just a V6.. how soon they forget about the past V8's.... let's take a look as some of the V8's that have been in the Mustang! LOL!

    1980 V8 made a whooping 119HP!!!
    1982 the V8 was up to 157HP
    1986 my buddys GT was 200HP and it was big and heavy...
    The 90's seen 205HP thru 225HP including the 1998...
    Finally in 1999 the V8 jumps to 260HP.

    Now I never pay over MSRP for a car either... But the fact is when I bought my V6 the GT's were easily $2,500 OVER MSRP... And there was no way for me to get an special pricing since I don't work for ford and neither does any of my family... Like others I did get my V6 on the X-Plan... And for around $1,000 I've got somewhere between 240 and 250HP. I could have spent less but I bought the pricey MMR intake and tube... Not sure where my torque is... which by the way is what sits you back in the seat! LOL! The Saab your talking about only has 221lbs of torque vs 240lbs I had stock! I'm probably close to 260lbs... And you paid how much for the Saab? I'm thinking a little bit more than the $24K that my car cost, even with the mods... LOL!

    I could easily have afforded a GT.. heck, I could have bought a matching set... But for me I'd rather keep the $5K or more difference an "personalize" my V6... Besides... I always cheer for the underdogs! LOL!
  9. poor poor souls stuck with a 6..why even bother getting a mustang? if you were going to get a 6 car , there are alot of 6 and even 4 cylinder cars out there that are even faster than a GT. since you guys are talking about speed. speed and a v6 mustang do not fit together in the same sentence
  10. poor poor guy... had to buy a USED GT, instead of the Cobra...

    Sorry to prove you wrong... but was at the track Friday night... I was posting better times then a alot of those so call V8 Muscle Cars... LOL! There was one Mustang GT with a V8... best he could do was a 15.11... Heck I even gave a late model Z28 a run for his money....

    So go trade your GT in on something faster if your so addicted to speed... LOL

    Here's my time slip...

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  11. why do we even bother with these guys. are they so patetic that they have to come to our fourms and bash us. i mean get a life guys. and its nice to see that the morons still result to personal attacks when they start to lose an argument. this crap makes me hate to even come here i have more fun watching cartoons with my four year old.

  12. Hey man! Whats up! If you want to start a fight, bring it to the Nitrous V6 Thread.. You and I can rumble in there, if you want to talk about HP.. Thats the thread where we release the dogs on you! WWOOOFF!! :nice:
  13. ROFL!!!! MSP, you're my hero! LOL!
  14. MSP is right on there. Come on fellas... Let it go. We all know where we stand. I feel that condoning the argument with a reply is a waste of forum space.

    These types of comments are bound to happen. All we need to do is look at PowerHouse or PowerSurge to see what the V-6 can do.

    Rule of Engineering: Displacement and cylinders ALONE do not always equate to the most HP/TQ, it is all in how it is built.

  15. This thread should be moved to S197 Talk as IT IS ASKING FOR THOSE WHO DROVE THE GT AND V6 MODELS, it is NOT just a V6 thread.

  16. awwww... come on Jenn... It's so much fun... throw a little LOGIC at them and these guys get so flustered they have to resort to name calling... It's just to easy to get them all wound up... LOL!
  17. I still think his post calls for a nuke and/or ban. It goes against the V6 forum rules.
  18. this is OT from the main Q but;
    Well our V6 Stock vs Stock is not as fast as other V6's in the Market, however most of those cars are 25k and up. you put that extra $5k in your V6 and your going to be as fast or faster than a GT.
    this is an old school V6, which is cool b/c bolt-ons will give twice the hp/tq #s than if you would, lets say put an after market Intake on a already factory fine-tuned import.
    another reason I like the mustang in general is b/c its RWD, i rather be pushed than pulled. and RWD imports, other than small roadsters, are about $30k and up.
    just my 2 shinny pennies.
  19. Amen on bein pushed is better. I think the closest v6 to our price and performance would be the new eclipse. Dont know how much that new altima is, but it does 0-60 in 5.9, which is pretty quick. There are 0 v6 cars for under $20k that can compete performance wise with the 2005 v6 mustang. (and yes, i paid under 20)