For those who drove the GT and v6...

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  1. an ON topic post, ive driven both, and yes the gt is much faster (only got to drive the auto) but do i think its worth the extra 5k msrp (and extra 12k including the 7k markup) the dealer wanted at the time i got my v6? The 5k, maybe, but including markup i can do so much more to my 6. At the time i got my v6, insurance was nearly double for the gt too (212 for v6, 398 for gt).
  2. In Canada the Nissan V6 Altima is less than $2000.00 difference between the cars. With the current incentives from Ford and Nissan, the V6 Altima is cheaper to buy than the V6 mustang.
  3. The 6 speed or the auto? because the 5.9 sec (SE-R only one with the 6speed) altima starts at just over 30k here (29,950). So unless they magically have $10,000 in incentives, i dont exactly call that a close base price.

    the cheapest v6 altime here is the SE model and it starts at 23,500 which is over $3500 more than a base v6 mustang. Even the 2.5S starts at 19,500, which is right around (within a few bucks) of a base v6 mustang.
  4. It is the base V6 Altima that I referred to, the SE-R is in the GT price range.
  5. They must be really cheap in canada then, because 3500 US should be over $4100 CAD, and last i checked they didnt have those kind of rebates on the v6 altimas. But like i said, i know sometimes cars are more expensive/cheaper in canada so if the v6 mustang started a little higher and the v6 altima started a lil lower, plus rebates its possible.
  6. Leave it to a V-6 owner to magazine race. For your information, my 2001GT pulled 227 RWHP and 268 ft/lb of TQ.

    I also ran a 14.0 with just a K&N Filter back in 2002. If you think a stock 2005 V-6 can take a stock 1999-2003 GT, then you are dumber than I thought.

    Face the facts, Mustang GT = Sports car, Mustang V-6= sports car looks with small engine with low power.

    Be proud of your V-6 MSP, you should be, it is a handsome car. But accept the fact my car is faster than yours.
  7. Black2001GT, Nobody is saying they can beat them, but they can hang with the autos (i know because i have both, also have a 2003 cobra if you want to talk bout whos car is faster than whos).

  8. Read the entire thread before you talk smack.


  9. Since we are comparing toys, I also have an Infinity Qx56 What's your point?
  10. Is it faster? no. we were discussing speed. thats my point, it was yours also if you scroll up.
  11. @MSP Stock 2001 gt 5 speed will run extremely low 14's which makes us no competition. The autos run high 14s to low 15's (on stock tires, quicker on anything aftermarket). On the street i raced against someone else drivin my 01 gt auto, and i was ahead at 75mph. Thats real world, not magazine.
  12. Off road it is faster. :rlaugh:
  13. Its time to take some of black2001gt's advice (see his sig).

  14. Make sure you show it to MSP and the rest of the V-6 Magazine racers. :rlaugh: