FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SEE , pictures of my Eleanor painted and ready for completion .

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  1. . In the past , I have said things like " I dont care what anyone says, blah blah blah". A lot of those statements were defensive in nature , and like everyone here, I do care what someone else says about my toy, lest I wouldnt even be here.
    Its no secret that this is an original 1967 GT500. I know this is predominately a purists board, and to them , I have committed an atrocity deserving of no less than death. But that is incorrect .This kit is temporary. Temporary being my lifespan , unless I just wake up one day and say I think Ill pull it all off . I will gladly answer any questions anyone has about how this kit was put on and all steps taken to keep from causing ANY damage to this Shelby. Pm me if need be. My bodyman has stated he could have the entire Eleanor kit and remnants off the car in an hour and a half to two hours max. With ZERO damage. Now that the niceties are out of the way, here is the link if anyone wants to see . :flag:
  2. Must say besides the hype that is one BEAUTIFUL looking car, very nice :nice:
  3. There she is... Yep, there's Eleanor.

  4. Looks good Hop :nice:
  5. Well said! Looks good Hop. :nice:
  6. Lookin good Hop. That car is going to own the street.
  7. Very nice! I'm anxiously awaiting the day my car is in paint again...maybe by summer.
  8. Sharp ride Hop. What about its powerplant?
  9. Nothin but praise from me, very nice job :nice:
  10. Go Baby Go!
  11. good looking. Choose some custom rims (not GI60S eddle's) and poke some intake holes in the hood (like a real scoop) and it would be outstanding. it would be unique.


    Post Post: btw: I like it bettter without the fugly fuel door. nice clean rear it has.
  12. lookin good wish mine looked so well
  13. I'll give you a fresh $20 if you let me drive it. :shrug:
  14. Y'know what Hop? I'm impressed, she does look good even in that color! How many shots of clearcoat did you get on her? Looks like you could do a 2-1/2 gainer into that paint without bumping your nose on the bottom! :nice:

    Of course,I have to go out on a limb and agree with NK; she'd look killer with a functional scoop. Holy cats, I just publicly agreed with Justin right on this board! :nonono:

    As for rims I'd say bag the 454's Cripes! I did it again! :rolleyes: and go with some Shelby 10-spokes; either original or 16" repops :banana:

    Still Dreamin'
  15. Awww Shux guys,, I love yall. :rolleyes:

    Shes been very VeRy VERY time consuming, but now its starting to pay off. Im just glad its almost over, my bank is about rupt . heh heh .

    Route 666, ha! Yeah, thought I could just post pictures of any other Eleanor, they, well, all look the same after all. :D But wheres the fun in that?

    Thx Windsor, the engine is the original Dual Quad 428 Interceptor.Ill photograph that next,, its got the carbs wrapped up and some parts are dirty. When I get it unwrapped and cleaned off, ill get a couple/
    Thanks Blake, I know your not in the Eleanor Fan Club, so I appreciate that .
    Crushnut,preesh, was all very tedious. My bodyman says he doubts hed do another Eleanor, they are a bear to get the kits right.
    Zoo and Bart, just dont get in a hurry. I never rushed Ken once on it. Told him to take a year if need be.
    Golf, hahah thx but she (after maybe 1 qtr mile test) will be a Sunday driver. Im 35. Too old to be out there making stoplight challenges anymore. Nokitten, there are some guys on that board that are making some changes like that, but Im just staying plain Eleanor. It just rubs my happy spot.
    Monk, 20 bucks will get 5 gallons of 76 Racing Fuel, and Id kinda like to get a qtr mile time before she is retired to sundays...
  16. I love it man :D

    now say to yourself

    "I am a baaaaaaad man."
  17. So if you don't mind me asking, how much did that bodywork cost you, and what was involved?
  18. The body work was 9500.00 . That was for new rear frame rails (behind the wheels -cracked from the race days) floor pans , floor supports, rear wheel wells, a torque box , remove the Shelby fiberglass , put on the Eleanor fiberglass ( at this point Id like to say that the front fenders were stored also, because Eleanor mods require the front to be highly mated to the fenders, so I got aftermarket fenders and stored the original Shelby ones - so not to damage them :rolleyes: , Ok , and then , he put the Eleanor kit on, which was a finnicky **** , requiring about 100 hours of work on the front alone. After that, sealing, prepping , and paint. The guy works at a Ford dealership , and he does it on the side at home. He can do anything structural you wantdone, and do it right. 3 days ago, for the dealership , he welded the rear of a new expidition to the front of one, they had a rear ender that they wouldnt total out, so they cut the rear off a totaled one, and welded it in place. Its Ford Dealership new again. :shrug: I live in the Nascar capital, North Carolina , if you want your car done. Had I sent mine out to one of the companies, 20-25 grand easy for all that.
  19. What part of NC do you live in?
  20. Damn, Hop. North Carolina is a bit far and 10K is a majority of my annual income at this point in time. I wouldn't mind that kind of cash for the coug or dammit, or both. It looks professional, so that makes it a good job.