FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SEE , pictures of my Eleanor painted and ready for completion .

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  1. Hop you should post up the full size pics so we can see them a little better. Thanks.
  2. Looks sweet.. what is the paint code you used?
  3. BadII Im in Charlotte,, You nearby ?
    Kitten , no sweat, but if you cant find anyone there to hook you up, tow it here, Ken will take a few months, but it will be a keeper....We,ll take care of you. Would be the baddest Cat around.
    Golf, I tried posting, but those are as big as I can get them to fit. Is there another way?
    Speedy, the paint is Dupont Chromabase Pepper-Grey Metallic.
    There is a thread on the other site about the paint,, PPG s Peppergrey Metallic is too dark, as are the rest of them. The Dupont is absolutely gorgeous, very metallic, even in the black. It would look good on a 84 Dodge K-Car....
  4. :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :drool: :drool: :hail2:

    Ok Has it been kissed enough to go for a ride?

    It's a :nice: :nice: Review from this Classic Stang Lover.

  5. that really is a nice replica it looks really nice and glossy and all. i would give you the thumbs up but aoubt 100 of those have already been given so i thought i would give you the thumbs down :notnice: no offense though im just bored out of my mind :banana: nice car hopkinator
  6. well hop i'm one of those anti-eleanor types myself, but i must say it is a good lookng car, and i definately give you :nice: for going against the grain if nothing else, i'm kind of doing the same thing with my 69 GT coupe, restomod all the way baby :nice:. i've had a lot of people tell me that i'm destroying a very rare car by by doing some of the things i'm doing, like adding a shelby vert decklid and end caps with the lip spoiler and adding the shelby side scoops and i've got flack for wanting to change the color from the original lime gold to acapulco blue, but hey it's my car, matter of fact it was my first car and i've had it for 20 years now and plan on keeping until the day they chuck my cold dead ass in the clay, so i really don't care what anyone says, i just wish they'd shut up already. i do have to say that i don't think i've had nay negative feedback from anyone on this board though and for that i tell everyone thanks, actually thinking harder about it i don't even think that superdave has given me any grief over it either :D
  7. :rlaugh: That check will arrive to you by tuesday PaBear ! sniff your the greatest !!

    i would give you the thumbs up but aoubt 100 of those have already been given so i thought i would give you the thumbs down no offense though im just bored out of my mind nice car hopkinator

    haha None taken.

    BNickel, Power on brother. In reality , even if you dont take the steps I did to keep from doing serious "damage" , it can be taken right back original. Even if i had drilled out the pillars for the Mach filler, when I went back original thats just a a fabricated piece welded in and worked over. BUT, I didnt want to do something thats not reversible. Everything you mentioned you are doing is reversible. (OK here comes the psychoanalytical lovey dovey babble) I think everyone to a degree cares what their peers- in this case, fellow Mustangers- say or think, or they wouldnt share their intentions or projects. If you were to see my car , with me there, and think to yourself, "self" That guy looks like a red butted monkey and his car looks like a Chevette on crack , well, thats simply how you feel. Id hope you would find something nice to say if you said anything, like maybe " hey ugly,, I mean "dude" , thats a really cool color of clear in that windshield" Bet your ass if I saw you at a show , no matter how bad i disliked your car Id NEVER bust on it - (in front of you... :D ) Wouldnt want to hurt your feelings, or wouldnt want you kickin my ass... Anyway, comments matter, I thought they didnt until i was the subject of an entire Hop-Bashing thread. Its hard to defend against an onslaught of knowledge , wit, and loyalty to the "original Mustang" that occurs here. Did it change my mind to make Eleanor with a 67 Shelby GT500 ? No. But it did make me slow down, assure no permanent damage would be done, and address any concerns to the people here . I know that this Shelby is bigger than me. Long after Im forgotten, taking a dirt nap, someone will have taken her back original and put her on display somewhere. Ill be gone, and she will live on . Like your car . A purist is a purist. Be it my GT500, your 69 coupe, or Kittens Cat, they are concerned about something of historical significance. So our "mods" need not be permanent. OK, times up, see the secretary at the door, thatll be 85.00 . :rlaugh:
  8. well hop you are right to an extent, i do want people to like my car and i think when it's done most people will, all the other mods i'm planning will be hidden because i don't want to distract from the original appearance too much, but in reality if someone doesn't like my car i could give a rat's ass, sure i might get my feelings hurt for a minute or two but i'd get it over it in about as long as it takes for them to walk away shaking their heads in disgust. really i'm building the car for me and no one else, if someone likes it cool, thanks i appreciate it, if they don't, oh well, it's not their car. if i was really worried about what other people thought i would be more conservative in my approach in building it. i personally like the way the car looks when it is stock, except for the lime gold paint which took me all of about 45 minutes to hide with a coat of primer after i got it, but i've always thought it was a little too plain, after all this is a GT we're talking about, it's not supposed to look like every other 69 mustang coupe. so read it how you want but in the end i really don't care what everyone thinks, i know my car is not going to win best of show in anything other than a parking lot full of yugo's because it is either not going to be stock enough or resto-mod enough for either class, it won't turn as many heads as say superdaves vert in the stock as a rock class or you're eleanorized shelby in the resto-mod class and i'm totally cool with that. call me a middle of the road, jeans and t-shirts, fade into anonimity at the end of the day kind of guy, that suits me just fine. i am who i am and nothing more, nothing less, i just want to have fun and do it my way, by the way you can refund my 85 bucks now as your psychoanalysis was all wrong :D
  9. a job well done. :nice:
  10. cool, every other owner of a GT-500 just saw their value go up ;)
  11. Bnickel, I think were kinda on the same page,, Like you, I STILL did what I wanted to do. If in the end, someone else doesnt like it, well, ok, Ive always said do to your toy what you need to do to make YOU happy. My wordy thread up there basically says we "care " what others think or say , but to a degree. I respect these guys here enough to answer any questions now, and heed advice on how to keep from damaging my car while doing the mods I want to do,and sharing how I did it, as opposed to just saying " I dont care what yall think". Thats all Im trying to say. If I were to let the majority opinion rule, Id be going back stock. But I can meet halfway, ie assuring those that care about a real Shelby that there will be no permanent damage. Nothing more, nothing less. So sir, I need that 85 dollar fee satisfied, please paypal that to RedbuttedMonkey StangNet. org :banana: