for trade: 66 brake pedal assembly

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  1. I have a spare brake pedal assembly for trade(includes the brake pedal support of course, in good shape), its from an automatic car and is in good shape except for the usual surface rust....I am looking for tons of stuff...a short list is as follows(obviously some of these are not straight trades)

    black rear seat upholstery(dont need the fronts)
    black headliner
    black carpet
    fuel tank, either new or in good shape used
    black sun visors
    rear view mirror
    "cruiser" console(black of course)
    black standard door panels
    black dash
    GT glove box door
    dual bowl manual brake master cylinder
    black "speaker" kick panels
    grant woodgrain steering wheel(matte black spoke version preferred but any will do)
    cnc hydraulic clutch slave cylinder
    cnc hydraulic clutch master cylinder
    roller pedal support conversion kit(think thats what its called, I want to rollerize my brake and clutch pedals)
    accelerator pedal for either 65-66 or 69-73(hell, any classic accelerator pedal assembly will do, I'll make it work one way or the other)

    I figure someone has to have some of this stuff laying around they arent using....if anyone needs this shoot me a message
  2. hey I have a '66 gas tank I was gonna throw out if you're interested. Replaced it with a '70 for the larger volume and was just gonna throw it out. If you want it let me know and I'll just charge you to ship it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.