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  1. I know it's not the best quality and lighting, but enjoy for what it's worth. The Shelby looks sick when you're standing next to it, I think it's called Kona Blue. The GT is dropped, has exhaust, wheels (obviously), it's supercharged and has few other small goodies.

  2. Awesome!! I just noticed they moved the window squirters off the hoods. :nice:
    the 6 looks good too. :)
  3. I think the GT looks better than the GT500 in those shots.
  4. mmmm torch red.
  5. is it me or are the front windshields tinted?
  6. omg i want that gt500
  7. Ok- That Kona Blue has got me. My 2001 was True Blue. I think I like this Kona shade even better. I need to see it in person. The other two look nice too.
  8. Yeah that torch red looks orangy to me, that would be a good color too. :)
  9. Some nice shots. A few things that bother me. The cobra on the GT-500 should be on the drivers side not the passanger side, I don't no why ford changed that. Second I think the V6 front looks better then the GT front.
  10. On FNSweet someone posted spy shots of the 2010 Roush Mustang I now have a bit of hope for the car's looks.
  11. Love that Kona Blue too. Can't wait to see the first one on the street.
  12. Ford moved the cobra on the grill because the intake is on the drivers side for this year and the opening is right where the old cobra use to be. On that kona color its killing me, I ordered a grabber blue gt500 but am having serious issues with wanting to change it to that color..ughh.
  13. I like the V6 as well. I'll be getting one when the EcoBoost is available in 2010. I think the early April release will still have the 4.0 in it. That's not bad since there's enough after market parts to get 400hp naturally aspired. More if you go with a Procharger. I say Procharger because they seem to have the best warranty. Anyone going with the Supercharger power addon best get some better forged pistons though. Depends on the boost you choose I guess.

    I just like the EcoBoost engine and 6speed selectshift transmission with manual mode. Cool HP, better mileage. All one really needs to do is get the Pony Package for the V6 if you like the GT's appearance better. I have a convertible now and I'll have to have another one when it comes time to buy. I'm not in a rush, so I'll wait for the already Ford Approved EcoBoost engine for the 2010 V6 Mustang.
  14. That Shelby is just sick!

    Glad to see torch red coming back as well. Wish I could afford to buy one of these babies.
  15. It almost makes me feel bad to say, but I like the looks of the GT MUCH more than the GT500. Even if I had the money to get either, I'd get the GT. JMO.
  16. I see a pic of a gt500, but no gt???
  17. I LOVEEEEE the new style!!!!!
  18. ill take the blue one