Ford Announces 2010 FR500CJ Cobra Jet Mustang

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  1. <img style="margin: 0px;" width="400" height="266" class="album" src="" alt="Ford FR500CJ Cobra Jet Mustang" title="Ford FR500CJ Cobra Jet Mustang" />

    <p>Yeah, yeah, we know you've seen this Ford Mustang before.&nbsp; By now, no Mustang freak out there should find the <a href="" target="_blank">FR500CJ Cobra Jet Mustang</a> something still held as a surprise, but...there's more to the story now.&nbsp; Ford recently let loose the detail on the fact they aim to produce a 2010 Mustang flavored a la Cobra Jet as well.&nbsp; The most recent purebred drag racing Mustang came straight from the stable with authentic Ford Racing parts directly from the warehouse and pumped out an eye-opening 400 horsepower with its 5.4-liter supercharged (yet detuned) V8 power plant.&nbsp; Customers, racers, and fans enjoyed the 2009 FR500CJ Cobra Jet Mustang so much that Ford Racing sold the whole lot of 50 cars in under two weeks!&nbsp; The upcoming 2010 Cobra Jet Mustang will likely have a sticker of $75,000 and will also be produced in limited fashion (50 vehicles).&nbsp; Maybe you can be <a target="_blank" href="">one of the lucky few</a> who is able to pick one of these Ford Racing masterpieces up?&nbsp; OK, if you can't, be sure to check out what you're missing in the official Press Release from Ford.</p>

  2. i don't know anything about these cars but can you tell me why you would want a 400 hp (not really "eye opening"), supercharged 5.4l v8 car for 75k, when theres a perfectly good 43k car with the 5.4l v8 SC that puts out 511 hp to the wheels? Like i said i dont know anything about this car but from what i read it doesnt make sence to buy it.

    Please dont yell at me if this car is really as good as they are saying :(
  3. This is a factory drag car. The motor is almost an after thought as far #s go since it is being sold to racers who will do there own thing. The block and rotating assembly are ready for whatever intake system you want to put on top of the long block. The cost goes into the fact that it's a fully set-up chassis for drag racing with the proper cage and all. IIRC, it doesn't even have a proper road legal VIN. It makes a lot more sense to buy this if you are going drag racing instead of buying a GT500 and gutting it to build it up into a drag racer.

    Here's the official website for the car.