Ford Carlisle 2010

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  1. It's about that time again to start thinking about Ford Carlisle. It's June 4th, 5th, and 6th this year.

    Carlisle Events All-Ford Nationals. Experience The Cars. The People. The Excitement.

    Who's going and on what days?

    I'll be staying overnight Friday and Saturday and I'm sure the usual crew of misfits will be there too. Tom (69clark), Rich (95opal), Paul (killercanary), Dan (95riosnake), Troy (yeahlo95). anybody else coming? Did anybody book rooms or the show already?

    I'm registering in the Supermod class this year rather than modified GT. and I got a 10x10 tent so we have more room in the shade. :nice:
  2. I'll be there with BPC (Bad Pony Club) from Thur till Sunday.
  3. If i were not on the other side of the country i'd be there.
  4. really!??! no one else is going? i realize it's early but still.
  5. Ive been watching you guy's threads on Carlisle for the last couple years, but it just never ends up being convenient for me. Id love to go and see it all and meet some of you guys, cause its only a day's drive, but now this year I have a baby about to be born. Pretty sure my random vacation fund will be non existent.
  6. Id like to go but Im working that whole weekend and I already have vacation in May and August.
  7. Gahh, I wanna go so bad!! I'm graduationg on May 29th, and I have to pack up my whole house and drive back home to Jersey so I don't think I'll be home in time.
  8. I'll be there one way or another, still have quite a bit of work to do on the car (non-heated garages FTL) but it shouldn't be a problem.

    It would be nice if we could all stay in the same hotel this year, since we all end up hanging out till 3am in the parking lot of Tom and Rich's hotel every year bs'ing. I have yet to register for the show or make hotel reservations, so I could stay wherever.
  9. my wife has been looking into hotels and i believe talking to Tom's wife about where to stay. I'll keep you updated Dan as to where we are going to stay. i want to be close so we don't get stuck in too much traffic
  10. Cant Miss Carlisle!

    Looking to be there friday - sunday.

    I usually do the Cruise at CJ's on friday and head in later in the afternoon.
  11. We're thinking about staying at the best western. It's like 3 miles away and $350 for both nights. they don't allow us to wash the cars but there are still some 20 rooms left.
  12. or the comfort suites are about the same price and will let us use the water. they are actually in downtown carlisle even closer than best western. their parking is a garage in the back for $3/day unlimited in/outs.
  13. That sounds like a great place to stay, I'll have to toss around the idea of $350 for the hotel, I've been used to chipping in $75 or something to split a room with like 5 other people lol. I'm getting tired of the nights being a drunk fest though, so I was looking to stay in my own room, and hopefully I can talk my gf into coming along this year.
  14. yeah it is a bit pricey but if you bring the woman along its a must. you know she won't go if your in a room full of 5 other dudes.
  15. Well, lets hope not.
  16. Well you guys know I am in.

    I guess I should get this hotel thing figured out. Ryan I will try to call you tonight or tomorrow night and iron out some of the hotel details. I will also get ahold of Rich.

    Also I think my buddy Kris might go this year (my friend that drove the cobra to Carlisle last year) so I will get in touch with him.
  17. i booked at hotel carlise again for $111 per nite see you guys there
  18. I'll be staying at a SKI RESORT in Utah, So I won't be able to make it again.:mad::(
  19. Finances were tight last year, so I didn't make it. I'm definitely hoping to make it this year! :)