Ford Carlisle 2010

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  1. This sounds like it's gonna be fun. The Cobra should be done a few weeks before Carlisle. :)
  2. Is it June 4th yet?
  3. BlackVert goin?
  4. Plan on heading down to york to cruise around and hang out

    Street Rod Nationals East Plus (2010)
    June 4 - 6, 2010
    York Expo Center
    York, Pennsylvania

    It was always a blast. Its been years since Ive been down there after carlisle.

    Really Miss the Ice cream cruise on sat night leaving the fairgrounds.
  5. We are also going to Cj's for the Cruise to carlisle.

    Last year it was a really short cruise but years past ahve been really nice.

    6/04/10 Pony Trails CJ Pony Parts
  6. Thank god it isn't! I have a TON of work left to do still, I have less and less time these days to work on the car, I spent all day Saturday wiring up new gauges and I'm still not done with that project.

    Still on the list:

    Finish gauges (anyone have a write up on hooking up the sender for an oil pressure gauge? usual our cars won't just let something be easy :nonono:)
    battery relocation
    fuel pump
    roll fenders
    new DR's
    drop off several parts for powder coating

    Oh and just swap in a 347, that's all...;) Although I am having a shop swap the motor, I don't have even close to enough time to do that myself.
  7. :stirpot:
  8. i might even have some new secret internal mods done in time for the show
  9. Maybe beings I'm actually working on the car now days I'll try to show up one day. Paul did you buy your own lift?
  10. Yes, I actually ordered it almost a month ago and it looks to be backordered for another month. :( I got a 4 post 9000lb capacity Bendpak lift, its their HD-9 model.
  11. that's freaking awesome. I have always wanted my own lift. It's a damn necessity having a lowered car
  12. i'm getting one this year too as soon as my garage is done . i am not getting the wide version like paul
  13. By some powerful act of god, if I can finish the car, find time, and enough money to make the trip, you may see my mug trolling around. I'd love to get one shot at Carlisle before I head west
  14. that would be awesome!
  15. Paul and Troy why do you have to live like 4 hours away? I could grab some beer and be like "yo I'm here to use the lift"

    Aaron if you did come down I'd go for sure.
  16. Hey guys, looks like I'll have 2 of my cars there this year:nice: I was originally just taking my '03 GT, but it looks like my '95 GT vert will be there this year also. Looking forward to seeing you guys there. I am registered under Bad Pony Club with other clubs so I can enjoy their big tent. You are more than welcome to join us, at least stop by the tent and have a drink with us:) June can't get here fast enough!!
  17. sup Karen, so you are bringing the 95 now?

    What are we doing guys? Are we doing the go-cart thing?
  18. I was wondering the same about the karting, either way I can't wait :nice:

    I'll have to get cell numbers from you guys, unless yours haven't changed from last year. Ryan I know I have yours, I have Paul's and Rich's as well but but not Tom's or Troy's. If you guys would be so kind as to either let me know if your numbers are the same or PM me your numbers if I don't have them, I'd appreciate it.
  19. mines the same. feel free to call or txt whenever.
  20. Well here's the current status of my car:

    This is out:

    The bay looks like this:

    And this just showed up on Thursday:

    The heads are off at the machine shop and will be ready for assembly onto the short block on Monday. The short block should be assembled by friday and in the car soon after. After a few break in miles, it's got an appointment to be tuned on the 22nd by Don Lasota. I'm hoping for anywhere around 350-360+ rwhp on a mustang dyno... after talking it over with some people I don't think I'll be disappointed!

    Getting very excited now! :banana: