Ford Carlisle 2010

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  1. That's an inline catch can between the PCV and the intake.

    I'll try to get a video today or tomorrow :nice:
  2. Looks good Dan.
  3. any updates dan ? i'm on my way out to put battery charger on now
  4. Haha, make sure to post pics of your progress Troy...

    No new pics to share, but as of last night everything is done. It wouldn't idle worth a sh** so I didn't bother getting a video. I'll have a video from the tuning session on Saturday morning :nice:

    On a side note, I didn't think that going from 285 to 305 DR's out back would really be that much wider, but damn lol, the driver's side sticks out of the fender about 3/8" -1/2" lol... I might need to step down to a smaller wheel spacer.
  5. that's awesome Dan! I can't wait to for carlisle to see it. I'm going to have to get a ride in it this year
  6. Dan, I'm in the market for wheel spacers, let me know if you decide to sell them. That's great you are getting so close!
  7. Paul, I have 1" if you want them. came off when i put the FRs on.
  8. I cant wait to hear this thing with your exhaust :drool:

    looks great dan.
  9. Thanks guys! I'm pretty excited to get this thing done, but I'm even more excited to close my wallet for a

    What I was thinking of doing is buying a pair of 3/4" spacers, then running a 3/4" on the driver's side and keeping the 1" on the passenger's side. As I'm sure you're aware, the axles in these cars sit off center. The passenger tire is dead even right now, whereas the driver's side sticks out. I figured running the two different sizes might be the perfect solution.

    When I get around to it, if you're interested in getting the two that are left over, you'd have the right combo to get both wheels sitting evenly in relation to the fender.
  10. dan its been on for hours next thing is to try and start it agian lol
  11. Dan, this is getting exciting, LOL. Can't wait to see the video.
  12. Just realized I work that saturday. If I make it up it will have to be Sunday. That damn Paul better still be there LOL. I remember one year I came up and was like "hey guys wheres Paul?" And they all said "oh he left already"

    Paul did your lift show up yet?
  13. :lurk: is it time yet???? :shrug:
  14. i wish Rich...i wish
  15. I have to wait for people to send me the video footage but the final numbers were:

    342 rwhp
    408 rwtq

    (mustang dyno)
  16. bitchin Dan!!!! thats some good solid numbers. do you have the graph?
  17. Yea I'm going to scan it at work tomorrow and I'll post it up, the crazy thing is that torque number comes at like 3200rpm lol

    I should gain a few more hp and tq once I've got itfully broken in but so far I'm really happy, and it sounds nasty at idle
  18. Very impressive Dan. That TQ number is higher than I thought it would be. NICE!
  19. Sunday is kind of a weird day as most things are over and done with. Usually soon after the awards are available everyone heads out.

    My lift...oh my lift... suffice to say I STILL don't have it, but after speaking with the VP of the company last week I should have it soon, and with upgrades! :)
  20. nice numbers dan i bet it feels like a whole different car now