Ford Carlisle 2010

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  1. Thanks Paul and Troy, it does feel like a whole different car. I was in a hurry this morning and forgot to bring the graph to work with me but I will make a point to tomorrow.

    I'm probably going to do a fox TB swap at some point later in the season, but for now I'm just going to drive it as it sits :nice:
  2. Here's the graph, for some reason it shows 340/404, but even the tuner said it made 342/ I don't know...maybe there's a correction factor applied before it prints out the graph? Either way here it is:

  3. that is one nasty torque curve dan. 400tq by 3k RPM i'm sure makes you really happy.
  4. Yes it does, the car is really torquey now...more so than I thought it would be lol. I had thought about porting the heads but I think the torque curve would have suffered, although the top end would benefit. The tuner said the flow on the heads plateaus by 5200rpm, which means porting would have benefitted me, but honestly I am very happy with it as it is.

    I will try to get a video of it soon for you guys, I'm full swing into installing the final parts and details before Carlisle, along with repainting things and detailing the living crap out of it so I've been busy ever since it's been back together. It's actually proving hard to put the break in miles on it because I can't drive it and work on it at the same time. It will just be an idle video for now, I live in a neighborhood that hates loud cars so I don't want to make the neighbors too mad with revving it, haha.
  5. Congrats Dan. Glad it puts a smile on your face. Can't wait to see it in a couple weeks.
  6. Dan, I'm surprised that your combo peaked so low in the rpm range with that cam. I peaked at nearly 6000rpms with my AFR165's on my 331 so even though your heads are not maximized I don't think they would limit your peak that much. It looks like you have a holley systemax intake as well so it should allow you to breathe in those upper RPM's as well. Your peaks have me puzzled... the good news is that if you can figure out the restriction and move them up you'll make more HP! :)
  7. Yea, I agree about the heads. It doesn't seem like these heads are "that" small that they would be at their flow limit from my motor/cam. He even said (I am speaking of Rob LaSota, Don's son) that he felt the Systemax intake was holding the motor back as well, which I do not believe personally. I've seen this intake on all motor 10 second cars before, and the only mod they did was porting the lower and opening the TB opening up to 90mm, which honestly isn't much work. I would think the intake in factory form would be more than enough for my combo only pushing ~10.5:1 with a cam that isn't exactly huge.

    I realize there are better heads out there for my motor, as the systemax aren't the most preferred, but I've seen some nice combos with them (doesn't your dad have them in his car? I believe they are ported though) and it just simply wasn't in the budget to upgrade the heads. I did have them machined and converted to 7/16 stud mount rockers instead of pedestal to handle the valve spring pressures I needed safely and am now running scorpion 1.6's. Literally everything else in and on the motor is brand new with the exception of the water pump pulley, crank pulley, and tensioner, lol so the spendometer was pegged for this year.

    I'm planning to do the Fox TB swap and open up the TB opening accordingly for whatever size Accufab I decide to run, but other than that I plan to run the car as is for the rest of the season. I only got to drive it a couple months last year because it was always down with some kind of problem haha.

    I should also mention the motor is not fully broken in yet, I would imagine after a few hundred miles the rings will be totally seated and the engine may put out a few more hp/tq.
  8. you'll get plenty of breakin miles on the way out to carlisle. I can't wait guys. I have a show sunday and thats the official kick off of show season for me. Carlise is a week away!!!!
  9. You guys think I'll find a 94+ 351W cheap there? My usual u-pull it place don't have one. Everybody else wants at least $450
  10. I haven't touched my car yet... the intake is still off, there are no side skirts or rear bumper on the car, the wheels need polished, etc. I'm screwed... :(
  11. Good luck finding a roller 351w period. If you do you had better grab it as they are pretty rare and very hard to find. I looked for one at one time and couldn't even find one, let alone try to deal on one.
  12. Not going to make it... again... starting an internship and still need brakes and to tune my car :( maybe it will be finished for mustang week.
  13. Yeah this one for 450 seems to be the cheapest one yet. Sucks cause I could probably find an old one but then I'm paying a good bit to put rollers in it. Mike paid 425 for his link bar roller lifters. I know you gotta pay to play but damn can't I get a break lol. Never thought finding a 351 would be this hard
  14. you always leave things for the last minute Paul.... :nonono:

    Are you to at least come up for a day to hang out Adam? just because you don't have the car done doesn't mean you aren't allowed in.
  15. Weather Update:
    Friday - High of 84* low of 66*. Scattered Thunderstorms. 40% chance of rain.
    Saturday - High of 82* low of 65*. Scattered Thunderstorms. 60% chance of rain.
    Sunday - High of 84* low of 69*. Scattered Thunderstorms. 60% chance of rain.
  16. i hope that changes til next weekend

  17. Possibly. Chris has a 94gt he just bought that we are trying to get together for mustang week. but it runs and drives
  18. Your doing it again Paul. LOL

    You like stress in your life huh?
  19. Well, its Tuesday and I got absolutely NOTHING done on the car over the weekend... I'm in fear that I truly may not make it this time. :(