Ford Carlisle 2010

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  1. i dont believe that you can always bring the cobra
  2. it doesn't have to be perfect paul. put the old bumpers back on it and give it a decent enough clean job and your done. its more about showing up and having a good time then stressing out over it all.

    and like Troy said, you could always bring the cobra. it may be a 50ft car but its still something to look at and show.
  3. Glad i'm not the only one that thought umm you have 2 cars
  4. Ryan, is right, it doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be there.

    Should we all show up a day early to help you get it back together?
  5. slumber/work party at Paul's house Thursday night!!!
  6. That really sucks Paul, I hope you still make it to the show in one of the cars.

    I took a vacation day Thursday to give myself a full day to finish up all the little things, but it should be no problem for me to finish up. The main thing I still need to do is detail, detail, detail...
  7. I'm going after all! Once your car is on the show field, are you allowed to move it? I'm not bringing anything else up there, so I want to avoid being stranded every evening. I'll be coming up on Friday around 1pm.
  8. Cruise to CJ's on friday

    Trying to get suspension done on the black car and get it together... Work night planned for Thursday..... Parts are comming tomorrow.

    If anyone from NJ wants to meet up along the way
    Leaving the Lehigh Valley Friday am. 7AM meeting at the WaWa at rt 78 and 100 in Fogelsville, Pa 18106 Exit 49 off of Rt 78, Head south about a 1/2 mile to the wawa.

    Roll out at 7:15 to head to Cj's for the Cruise into Carlisle!
    If anyone from NJ wants to meet up along the way
  9. Tell me about it. I have't detailed the car since before I put it away last year (in Sept I think). LOL
  10. the weather is getting better and better everyday. now there is no rain for friday or saturday. only chance of thunderstorms on sunday.

    What time is everyone showing up? I'm hoping to get there on around 10-11 Friday.

    Merkstang, I thought about trying to get up there for that, but I doubt i'll be able to get the wife up that early. Make sure you come see us at the show. I think the plan as of now is that Troy and I will be in the supermod class and we'll both have tents set up behind the cars. We usually end up hanging out there most of the time when we're not walking around.
  11. We'll be at the CJ cruise, but we're heading over late tomorrow night. :nice:
  12. Is there a supermod class? I didn't think they had one this year. I think we are all in the same class which will work out even better for hanging out.
  13. I couldn't prereg for supermod but i wouldn't be surprised if we showed up and there is one. Don't matter to me where we are.

    Did you get anything done yet Paul?
  14. I put the intake, TB, CAI all back on. I also put the rear bumper on the car but I have a fitment issue on the driver's side. I'm hoping Troy can come over tonight and help me put the side skirts on. If I get this all done tonight I may actually throw it on the dyno tomorrow... nothing like adding more to my plate. :)
  15. Is this including a turbo or did that not happen because of the lift?
  16. spend that dyno time cleaning the car. stop adding more things to do! you're going to drive yourself into an early grave Paul
  17. Nevermind. False alarm. Car isn't going to be done on time. :(
  18. Jesus Paul your making me nervous here. Get that thing done already. LOL
  19. Now where did I put the window stickers.... I knew this would happen....
  20. i made it over last night and i'm feeling it today , but we got the side skirts on and door pieces before i left and i dont think there is a super mod class you guys will have me in modified this year