Ford Carlisle 2010

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  1. is anybody else interested in the hockey game friday night? i'm going to need a bar to watch it. i know Paul had said something about wanting to chill at the bar at hotel carlisle. thats a fantastic plan for friday night :D
  2. Hey Troy I could use a hand getting my top end put back together tonight lol.
    Well if my parts ever show up hahahaaaa. How is it possible that this always sneeks up on me I just dont get it.
  3. THANKS TROY!!! The poor guy lives an hour away now and had to get up this morning at like 4:30 for work and yet he stayed until 10+pm last night helping me get these damn saleen side skirts on.

    Troy- I used your zip tie idea and that is the way it'll be for Carlisle as I'm out of time and it worked. I fixed the exhaust pipe by putting 2 washers under the exhaust chassis mount on the frame rail of the car to space it out. That and a lot of muscle to bend it over as much as possible.

    Dan- No turbo. :( I said this was the year but I decided to wait on the lift to do the install and needless to say I still don't have it. I ordered it in the middle of March and it still isn't here, thus the turbo kit never made it on.

    Ryan- it took way longer than I thought it would to get the side skirts on so there won't be any dyno time for me today. I really wanted new numbers for Carlisle but time won't allow it. :( I'm not into hockey, but if there is beer to be had I'm up for it. I never had any time to schedule the karts so I doubt that will happen.
  4. Ill be there in the 92-93 Modified class I assume, bringing (2) black 93 Cobras, one is my fathers and one is my customer turbo'd beast.
  5. cool Rick, i'll be sure to catch up with you
  6. I'm officially calling it a night. The body parts are on and fastened. The car is washed... and that is it. I'll detail it at Carlisle tomorrow.

    On a side note... my lift came in TODAY. Of all freaking days it came today. I told the trucking outfit to hold it until Monday as I can't get it due to Carlisle.
  7. Got to love that.... atleast they were early for something:D

    I finished buffing at 1:45am this morning, man 4:30am came quick....:( See all you guys tomorrow. Now if I can only get that one custom A/C line I need made today....
  8. Waiting for the rest of my Pittsburgh crew to show up here in New Stanton for breakfast, then we'll be on our way around 8-8:30! I'm pumped!

    Btw so far I am averaging 12.8 mpg lol... Starting to miss that 19mpg I had last year, but not really ;)
  9. I'm not an early bird. I just got up and I haven't packed a thing yet.
  10. should of stayed home WTF ............Rain Rain Rain ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:bs:
  11. Oh cheer up rich today turned out nice lol

    although I dropped an f bomb this morning when I looked out the window too
  12. even with this weather i still enjoyed hangin out with everyone , i feel bad for anyone thinking they are going to come into 94-95 modified and go home with a trophey all the stangnet cars kick butt
  13. Unfortunately I didn't make it out on saturday. I spent all day getting my central air fixed. This is the first year I missed it since 2000. Hope everyone had a good time despite the rain.

    On a side note I decided the car is fast enough for now. So I'm going to get new wheels and a paint job and enter the show field next year. If my money pit of a house lets me.
  14. guys how lucky is am I ? i was unhooking the trailer last night and blew out a brake line on my truck, in my driveway .i was parking the truck and the pedal went to the floor ....
  15. Very lucky!

    It could have also been very bad if it happened when you're barking second gear and filling someone's car with black smoke... not that you ever do that ;)

    Plus you know that if you had wrecked or anything, all of us would have to come and draw things all over the bumpers :D
  16. wow....glad it wasnt bad man.
  17. sorry Troy but you know somebody had to say it. If you drove the car instead of trailering it, this would never have happened. :D
  18. ryan i did take tab for a ride when we got home i'm just glad it happened in the driveway
  19. Damn Troy! Which line was it and why do you think it failed?

    Ryan- I like your trailering comment! LOL!

    Dan- I had my gopro hero camera running when Troy did that and covered me with black smoke screen! I still don't have a way to edit mpeg4 files but once I do I'll get it up. You can hear your car just as I leave off the throttle.
  20. Speaking of hearing cars. I was behind Tom and Rich at the light leaving the grounds. Their cars sound amazing.